What is Sealeeze? It is a plastic bag closer that keeps foods fresh by sealing the bags flawlessly.   Airtight seal to keep food fresh Sealeeze claims that it is the ultimate solution to one of the most common problems troubling most kitchens- foods going stale and ending up in the dustbin because you just […]


What is Lidtastic It is a silicone lid that claims to prevent some of the kitchen nightmares you often tend to have. Lidtastic promises to be of great help in the kitchen for many so that they can avoid issues that are caused by mismatched covers or messy food splatter for that matter. Clingy plastic […]

Speedy Slicer

What is Speedy Slicer It is a slicer that claims to help you cut fruits and veggies evenly while saving you time as well. Speedy Slicer promises to give a helping hand to you in the kitchen so that you can save time for yourself while ensuring that your prepping task is done with precision […]

Perfect Slicer

What is Perfect Slicer: It is a slicer that claims to help you cut fruits, vegetables and more with ease. Perfect Slicer promises to help you in the kitchen so that you can incorporate healthy fruits and veggies in your diet. There are many of us who like to have fruits and healthy salads at […]

Go Grill

What is Go Grill It is a foldable, portable grill that is so light weight and easy to assemble that it can be used to make scrumptious food on the go and later can be stowed away when not in use.   Barbeque on the go: Go Grill guarantees that it will change the trend […]

Smart Topper

What is Smart Topper It is a revolutionary collapsible food saver that fits all containers, pots and pan tops using its special airtight force lock seal. This way it helps in storing food for long time saving wastage of food and money.   Cover food smartly: Smart Topper promises to be the best new food […]


Bananza Banana Slicer Bananza Banana Slicer is a handheld slicer that you can use to cut bananas into uniform slices to dress-up your cereal, yogurt, or desserts. It features dull, stainless steel blades that prevent you from cutting your hands and fingers when you slice bananas. These blades are sharp enough to slice through bananas […]

Bistro Bowls

What is Bistro Bowls It is a cooking tray that claims to let you make edible bowls to go with your favourite recipes. Bistro Bowls is a bowl maker that promises to help you add a new dimension to your cooking. You like to display your passion for cooking in the kitchen and create delicious […]