Ceracraft Knives

About Ceracraft Knives They are non-stick ceramic coated knives that provide clean and flawless cutting without carrying messy stuck-on food with the blades.   Ultra sharp knives for precise cutting Ceracraft Knives are high quality knives that proclaim to have an edge over other on various counts. As the name suggests, Ceracraft Knives have special […]

ROX Ice Ball Maker

What is ROX It is an ice ball maker that makes spherical shaped long-lasting ice that won’t water down the drink. It can also be used to bake spherical treats in the oven.   Long-lasting ice maker: ROX Ice Ball Maker guarantees that your every drink will stay good to the last drop without any […]

Fresh’n Crisp

What is Fresh’n Crisp It is an innovative solution to extend the life of all the fruits and vegetables. It traps the ethylene gas that leads to spoilage, resulting in extended shelf life.   Store fruits and vegetables longer: Fresh’n Crisp asserts that it can provide an alternative to purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables every […]

Pasta Swing

What is Pasta Swing It is an innovatively designed panthat replaces the old school pots, pans and strainer that are used at various stages to cook delicious pasta. The pan consists of a non-stick swinging built-in strainer design.   Cook pasta with ease: Pasta Swing promises to be a pan that shall be the last […]

Fast Mash

What is Fast Mash: It is a kitchen tool that claims to let you make soft and fluffy mash easily and within no time. Fast Mash promises to offer a way around the regular problems mashers tend to have. You like make a delicious and soft mash at home but the regular mashers just don’t […]


What is VegieFresh? It is a natural mineral mix that keeps vegetables and fruits fresh in your refrigerator. It is in the form of granules packed in a bag that absorb ethylene gas and protect produce from getting spoilt for up to three months.   Fresh fruits and veggies everyday VegieFresh is something you may […]

BBQ Dragon

What is BBQ Dragon It is an easy to use charcoal tool that claims to start charcoal grills in less than 10 minutes. BBQ Dragon promises to be the right tool for those who love to have barbeques at home for their loved ones or when you have guests over for that matter. Of course […]

Simple Slide Cake Pan

Do you like baking cakes at home but are always put off by the slogging it involves as well as the mess it leaves behind? Baking a cake tends to be a big hassle because most cakes stick to the bottom of the pan. If that is not annoying enough the cake also ends up […]