What is Pastafina: It is said to be an indispensible addition to your kitchen that can let you cook pasta in just about 3 minutes. Pastafina seems to have been created for those who like to devour pasta cooked at home but don’t want to go through the hassle involved. You know if you have […]

New Yolker

What is New Yolker: It is an egg yolk remover that’s meant to do the job easily and quickly.   New Yolker is supposed to help you have the healthy egg whites while you remove yolks easily. We like eating eggs and they are indeed a good way to start your day. But the problem […]

Jet Fryer

What is Jet Fryer: It offers you the way to enjoy all your favourite fried foods without the need for oil, butter or grease.   Vitagy Jet Fryer claims to help you eat healthy while you also indulge in your liking for fried foods. There are days when you just can’t resist fried chicken, cheese […]