What is Plumpeez: It is a hot dog stuffer that claims to convert your regular hot dogs into gourmet treats. Plumpeez promises to add triple the stuffing, plump and flavour to your hot dog so that you can devour it to the fullest. Everyone loves hot dogs, which are looked at as special treats for […]

Clip N Store

What is Clip N Store? It is a tool that promises to create space in your kitchen cabinets so that you can organize your spices etc with ease. Clip N Store claims to be a space saving solution for all home owners who have to deal with clutter all around them. How difficult is it […]

Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

What is Vitamix S30 Personal Blender? It is a portable high performance blender that is streamlined for the kitchen to blend any food items. It has the capacity to crush down ice and toughest of fruits and vegetables easily and deliver nutrient-rich juices or chopped pieces easily.   Blender for every ingredient: Vitamix S30 Personal […]

Blendtec Designer 725

About Blendtec Designer 725 It is a new blender that claims to offer the most sophisticated blending technology not ever seen so far.   None comes anywhere close The makers of Blendtec Designer 725 simply call it the most advanced blender the world has ever seen. They claim it can do what no other blender […]

Wow Cakes

What is Wow Cakes? It is a microwave cake baker that lets you bake single serve cakes, desserts and a lot more in just 60 seconds.   Write/Read Reviews Bake single serve cakes in 60 seconds Wow Cakes claims to be the answer for you if you are tired of baking cakes the traditional way […]

Pocket Toaster

What is a Pocket Toaster: It is a handheld toaster that claims to help you make your favourite stuffed and toasted sandwiches in a matter of minutes. Pocket Toaster is meant to give a helping hand to everyone who is looking to save time in the kitchen while still making delicious treats for their loved […]

Spinning Cool Café

What is Spinning Cool Cafe It is the fastest and easiest way to cold-brew coffee at home with patented technology that cuts acidity by 70%.   Write/Read Reviews Cold coffee at home: Spinning Cool Café promises to be the best way to make delicious cold coffees by brewing it in the cold state. Generally for […]