Wow Cakes

What is Wow Cakes? It is a microwave cake baker that lets you bake single serve cakes, desserts and a lot more in just 60 seconds.   Write/Read Reviews Bake single serve cakes in 60 seconds Wow Cakes claims to be the answer for you if you are tired of baking cakes the traditional way […]

Pocket Toaster

What is a Pocket Toaster: It is a handheld toaster that claims to help you make your favourite stuffed and toasted sandwiches in a matter of minutes. Pocket Toaster is meant to give a helping hand to everyone who is looking to save time in the kitchen while still making delicious treats for their loved […]

Spinning Cool Café

What is Spinning Cool Cafe It is the fastest and easiest way to cold-brew coffee at home with patented technology that cuts acidity by 70%.   Write/Read Reviews Cold coffee at home: Spinning Cool Café promises to be the best way to make delicious cold coffees by brewing it in the cold state. Generally for […]

EZ Meatball

What is EZ Meatball It is a new age revolutionary way to make even sized meatballs for any occasion easily without the usual fuss and mess.   Write/Read Reviews Easy Meatballs: EZ Meatball claims to be the best way in which you can now make meatballs that are same sized and perfectly shaped in no […]


What is Dump Loaf? It’s a pan that promises to provide the easiest and most delicious way to make meatloaf. Plus, it takes out the additional fat for a healthy eating.   Write/Read Reviews Low Fat Meatloaf: Dump Loaf promises to help you prepare the most delicious meatloaf in just a few seconds. You may […]

Perfect Burger Bowl

What is Perfect Burger Bowl? It is a pan that claims to make edible mouth watering and delicious burgers. You can fill these burger bowls with your choice of toppings. Simply add onions, chili, bacon, mac and cheese, chicken, mozzarella and so much more to prepare delicious burgers. Burgers made with the Perfect Burger Bowl […]

Nutri Ninja Cups

What is Nutri Ninja Cups? These are cups designed with pro extractor blades that promise to blend whole fruits, seeds, stems and vegetables in just seconds. The Nutri Ninja Cups breaks down whole fruits and vegetables with ease to give you delicious and healthy drinks and meals that you can take with you anyplace you […]

Best Cookie Pan

What is Best Cookie Pan? It is a 2-in-1 nonstick cookie pan that bakes cookies and works as a cooling rack without having to touch or transfer the cookies   Write/Read Reviews Evenly and perfectly baked cookies every time Best Cookie Pan claims that it is the pan for you if you want to bake […]