Crazy Cakes

About Crazy Cakes Crazy Cakes proclaims to be a cake pan and insert system that turns cakes into double treats by filling it with surprises such as candies, cookies, fruits and ice creams. It declares to be easy to use and great for baking cakes for any occasion, announcement, or just for fun.     […]

Sink Side Strainer

About Sink Side Strainer Sink Side Strainer asserts to be a countertop colander that drains straight into the sink to prevent food from touching dirty dishes or sink bottom.   How does Sink Side Strainer work? Sink Side Strainer sits on the countertop next to the sink and its ergonomic angled design and the opening […]

Biem Sprayer

About Biem Sprayer Biem Sprayer claims to be a butter sprayer and storage that converts a butter stick into spray in seconds. Biem Sprayer proclaims to melt butter just enough to spray out of nozzle to spray on a toast or for cooking. The sprayer assures to be cool to touch.     How does […]


About Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series claims to be a blender that can make hordes of dishes with textures ranging from the smoothest purees to chunkiest salsas. Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series asserts to have integrated Variable Speed Control, Pulse, Digital Timer, Wireless Motor Base and Self-Detect Containers to give perfect results every […]


What is AquaTru? AquaTru is a counter top water purification system designed to turn tap water into bottle quality water, right at home. The best part about the AquaTru water purifier is that it needs no installation or plumbing. Simply place it in on your counter top to get absolutely safe and pure drinking water. […]

Butter Blade

What is Butter Blade – As per the infomercial it’s a butter knife for easy spreading of butter with its heat-conducting technology and serrated edges that shave off fine curls of butter.   Butter knife for easy and perfect spreading Butter Blade is a special butter knife which promises to spread the hardest lump of […]

60 Second Salad Review

What is 60 Second Salad As per the TV infomercial it is a unique solution to prep a salad quickly and easily. It practically takes away the hassle of not just cutting but even washing and rinsing vegetables.   Healthy salad on the go 60 Second Salad assures to provide a quick and easy solution […]

Chef’s Edge

What is Chef’s Edge – It claims to be an ingenious set of self-sharpening professional grade knives comprising of Chef’s Knife, Santoku Knife, Boning Knife and Utility Knife.   Universal knives set Chef’s Edge asserts to be the number one solution to all your kitchen prep work. Cutting, chopping, mincing, slicing, etc. takes a lot […]