What is AquaTru? AquaTru is a counter top water purification system designed to turn tap water into bottle quality water, right at home. The best part about the AquaTru water purifier is that it needs no installation or plumbing. Simply place it in on your counter top to get absolutely safe and pure drinking water. […]

Butter Blade

What is Butter Blade – As per the infomercial it’s a butter knife for easy spreading of butter with its heat-conducting technology and serrated edges that shave off fine curls of butter.   Butter knife for easy and perfect spreading Butter Blade is a special butter knife which promises to spread the hardest lump of […]

60 Second Salad Review

What is 60 Second Salad As per the TV infomercial it is a unique solution to prep a salad quickly and easily. It practically takes away the hassle of not just cutting but even washing and rinsing vegetables.   Healthy salad on the go 60 Second Salad assures to provide a quick and easy solution […]

Chef’s Edge

What is Chef’s Edge – It claims to be an ingenious set of self-sharpening professional grade knives comprising of Chef’s Knife, Santoku Knife, Boning Knife and Utility Knife.   Universal knives set Chef’s Edge asserts to be the number one solution to all your kitchen prep work. Cutting, chopping, mincing, slicing, etc. takes a lot […]

Glass Bowl Chopper Review

What is it? The Glass Bowl Chopper from BLACK+DECKER is designed to make your everyday kitchen chores fast and easy. With the Glass Bowl Chopper chopping and blending has never been easier. The Glass Bowl Chopper lets you can chop, heat, serve and store all in one bowl. It’s that amazing! You are guaranteed to […]

Copper Crisper Review

What is Copper Crisper? It is a crisping fryer for oven with an elevated, non-stick mesh tray which cooks all sides of food evenly and neatly.     For perfectly crispy, golden-brown fried food Those who dig crispy fried foods are likely to be impressed by Copper Crisper, a new crisping fryer designed to work […]

Miracle Cut Glove Review

What is it? The Miracle Cut Glove is an incredible steel fiber glove that protects and keeps your hands safe while you cut vegetable and fruits. The Miracle Cut Glove is like an impenetrable shield that protects your hands while you slice, dice, peel and grate. The Miracle Cut Glove is guaranteed to keep you […]

Gotham Steel Pro Cut Review

What is it? Do you hate that the knives in your kitchen are not as sharp as they used to be and are not very easy to handle? Then what you need is the most incredible and amazing knife, the Gotham Steel Pro Cut. Gotham Steel Pro Cut is the finest, sharpest and most precise […]