Fit Right Tray REVIEW

About Fit Right Tray Fit Right Tray maintains to be a two-way expandable tray that neatly organizes any drawer and increases its space. Place Fit Right Tray into the drawer and extend it along the length and width. Organize all your things in the slots and use snap-in dividers to customize organization.   […]

A1 Helper Review

About A1 Helper A1 Helper claims to be a photograph hanging system that comes in handy when you want to hang photo frames or paintings to your home décor. A1 Helper proclaims to assist you in hanging pictures exactly where you want them and eliminate the hassle of measuring and marking. Assuring to be user-friendly, […]

Wall Dazzle

What is Wall Dazzle As per the infomercial it is a peel and stick chalkboard that is perfect for organising and listing. It is reusable and sticks perfectly well on smooth surfaces like glass, wood, drywall, etc. It can be cut into different shape and sizes to make it interesting.     Organize your life […]

EZ Tote Review

What is EZ Tote? If you tired of using so many bags for different purposes then what you need is the innovating and incredible bag, EZ Tote. With EZ Tote you can forget about your other bags like gym bags, yoga bags, laundry bags, grocery bags, and soft mesh coolers because the EZ Tote lets […]

D’Tangle Review

What is D’Tangle ? Do you love to listen to music but get extremely frustrated and annoyed when your earbuds get tangled? Then D’Tangle is just the thing you need. D’Tangle is the perfect solution for tangled earbuds. D’Tangle is an innovative earbud cable management solution that ensures your earbuds stay untangled so you can […]

Buffies Review

What are Buffies They are stretchable silicone moulds that can fit on all chair and table legs so that your floors are not ruined, according to their claims. Buffies promise to maintain the floors in your house in the best possible shape and eliminate the damage cause by table and chair legs. As a proud […]

Handy Eyes Review

What is it? If you have to wear glasses because of your eyesight then you know you just can’t do without them. You might need them when you want to read a book or newspaper or while lounging at home watching TV. Many of us need them when we are out and about or while […]