Better Booty Pillow REVIEW

About Better Booty Pillow Better Booty Pillow assures to be a posture pillow that aligns pelvis and spine, corrects posture, and keeps bottom firm to prevent back and leg pain from long hours of sitting. The microtube technology of Better Booty Pillow convinces to support the hips, lift the bottom, and release the pressure on […]

Tranquilo Mat

What is it? The Tranquilo Mat is a vibrating soothing mat designed to provide comfort and soothe your baby in the stroller, crib, or while you are on the go! The Tranquilo Mat assists a baby’s transition from a mother’s womb to the world during the “fourth trimester” after birth. When a baby is no […]

Copper Relief

What is Copper Relief? Copper Relief asserts to be an adhesive compression tape that gives power relief to the knee. It claims to work instantly. It alleges that if one is forty then the pressure put on knee joints has taken place over one million times. Copper Relief guarantees to provide comfort and relief to […]

Copper Fit BALANCE

What is Copper Fit BALANCE? Copper Fit BALANCE are a set of performance orthotic insoles designed to improve stability, posture and alignment providing relief from aches and pains by correctly aligning the body to give more support. Copper Fit BALANCE is podiatrist designed to support and comfort your feet while ensuring it stays correctly aligned. […]

Slim Lens REVIEW

What is Slim Lens? – It claims to be an innovative thin reading glasses that are easy to carry and durable. Slim Lens proclaims to be a superb pair of glasses that helps view everything clearly. It comes in +1.5, +2 and +2.5 strengths to suit individual needs.     Slim Lens CLAIMS Highly effective […]

Copper Fit Gripper Socks REVIEW

What is Copper Fit Gripper Socks – It claims to be copper-infused socks that provide maximum footing on hardwood floors with the help of silicone grips. Copper Fit Gripper Socks claims to be a superior pair of socks that work fantastic grip over hardwood floors while providing protection to the feet. It provides solid grip […]

Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer

About Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer Bundle is a combination of both luxury and portability in one. The Da Vinci Vaporizer Bundle is a combination of rich features with rugged portability making it perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. Simply throw it in a bag and you are ready to go. It’s compact, […]

Copper Fit Energy Socks

What is Copper Fit Energy Socks – As per the infomercial it is an energy sock that can be worn like regular socks to compress the legs, increase circulation and reduces swelling.   Keep your feet fit Copper Fit Energy Socks claims to be designed as a solution for swollen, legs, aching feet and bad […]