Tweeze Ultra by Emjoi

What is Tweeze Ultra by Emjoi Has removing body hair always been a painful procedure? Have you torn your skin while waxing, cut yourself while shaving or maybe got a skin allergy with hair removal creams or spent an excessive amount of money on laser treatments. Now all that is unnecessary. Introducing the Tweeze Ultra […]

Epilady Epilaser Review

What is the Epilady Epilaser? The Epilady Epilaser is an easy to use, home-based laser hair removal device that is the first of its kind. Patented, and equipped with infrared monochromatic laser technology, the Epilaser is the only cosmetic laser on the market developed specifically for use on facial hair.   How does the Epilady […]

Razor Bed

What is Razor Bed: It is a storage case for your razors that claims to remove moisture and add to the longevity of your disposable and replaceable cartridge razors. Razor Bed promises to offer respite to those who often have to contend with razors that have gone rusty or are just not sharp enough. Of […]

no!no! Hair PRO

What is no!no! Hair PRO It is a new age solution to remove hair using Pulsing Thermicon Technology which keeps the skin cool during hair removal and works more efficiently than any other methods. It works on all type of hair as there are many setting options to treat each type of hair differently and […]

Triple Smooth

What is Triple Smooth Hair removing system that uses triple tweeze technology to painlessly remove body hair from the roots anywhere on the body in just seconds. It gives you hair-free and smooth skin every time.   Remove unwanted hair anywhere within seconds Triple Smooth is a hair removing device that claims to get rid […]

Curvex Razor

What is Curvex Razor A blade razor for women and men both, and which is curved to give maximum comfort and control while shaving to reduce nicks, cuts and scratches to bare minimum. It can be used anywhere on the body comfortably.   Blade razors for him and her Curvex Razor declares that it can […]

no! no! Micro

What is no! no! Micro? It is a hair removal kit that claims to do the job painlessly while giving you professional quality results. no! no! Micro promises to offer a gentle and effective solution for those who want to get rid of their body hair. Your body hair can become the bane of your […]


What is Epilique It is a hair minimiser that claims to offer you an effective way of keeping body hair away. Epilique promises to offer you respite from the regular shaving of body hair that can become the bane of your existence. You have to endure nicks and painful cuts as you need to shave […]