Blow Brush

What is Blow Brush – It claims to be an amazing brush that uses Ionic Technology to help style and dry hair both at the same time.   Style and Dry Hair Blow Brush guarantees to be the best hair styling solution that lets your detangle, style and dry your hair without using multiple appliances. […]

Hair Illusion Review

What is Hair Illusion? It is the name for natural hair fibres made from real human hair that disguise bald spots and thinning hair when sprinkled over affected areas.     Bid goodbye to thin hair look Hair Illusion is composed of hair thickening fibres that claim to be the best way to not only […]

Straight Wizard REVIEW

About Straight Wizard Straight Wizard declares to combine a flat iron’s capability to straighten hair and a brush that adds volume.     How does Straight Wizard CLAIM to work? Straight Wizard claims to be a brush with high-quality cylindrical bristles covered with thermal ceramic that raises the temperature up to 230 degrees while brushing […]

Hair Keys

What is Hair Keys? Hair Keys is an innovative new way to comfortably secure a little or a lot of hair. With Hair Keys styling your own hair is a breeze and nobody will ever you’re your styling secret. Hair Keys features a comfortable contoured design that secures your style, yet slides in and out […]

Root Magic

What is Root Magic? As per the infomercial it is an instant color corrector for hair root regrowth and color so that your hair stays perfectly colored at the roots right till your next session.   Watch video!   Root Magic Claims Perfect color corrector for hair – Root Magic assures to extend the life […]

Back2Blonde Review

What is Back2Blonde: It is a temporary, easy to use spray on formula that claims to work as an instant fix for dark roots. Back2Blonde assures you a simple and convenient way to hide your dark and gray roots that can become the bane of your existence. You want to make the best impression in […]

Elite Hair Doctors

About Elite Hair Doctors Elite Hair Doctors claims to be the first and only robotic hair transplant system that makes your head full of hair again and gives you a younger look. It assures to give permanent results without the plugs, pain, and stitches that traditional hair transplant procedures involve. Elite Hair Doctors maintains to […]


What is Velform Power Grow Comb? Have you lost the hair you were once so proud of? You can stop worrying because now there is a cutting-edge hair growth technology that will help restore your hair growth. Here’s introducing a breakthrough in hair growth technology, the Power Grow Comb by Velform. The Power Grow Comb […]