What is SmartSlide? It is a handy attachment for sliding glass doors that helps you open and close them easily by pushing them without using your hands.   Write/Read Reviews No more worries Most of us tend to worry about passing through sliding glass doors especially if there are lots of things to carry along. […]

Ever Bulbs

What is Ever Bulbs – Ever Bulbs are extremely durable light bulbs and the only ones in the market that last for 10 years without burning out ever.   Save time, energy and money with Ever Bulbs Changing light bulbs every few weeks or months is a painful and frustrating chore but Ever Bulbs promises […]

Infinity Lights

What is Infinity Lights – Infinity Lights is a fun and creative way to display lights with unique and artistic lamp shades that can be assembled in many various designs.   Enhanced lighting Infinity Lights promises to make lighting in your home or outdoors so authentic that it shall make a long lasting impression on […]

Flex Seal Clear

What is Flex Seal Clear – It is a liquid sealant that can be sprayed over to stop leaks without any noticeable residue or color.   Revolutionary sealant Flex Seal Clear claims to be one of its unique kind unlike other sealants that are available in the market. The major difference is it being a […]