Pest Reject PRO

What is Pest Reject PRO An electronic device that uses digital electromagnetic pulses and ultrasound technology to get rid of pests – bugs, cockroaches, mice, mosquitoes and flies, too, in your house. It is a much safer, easier and cheaper way to chase the pests away.   Pest Reject PRO REVIEW Has very few links […]


What is ReadyBox: It is an emergency kit of bare essentials you might need in case of natural or manmade disasters. ReadyBox claims to offer respite to those who are looking to protect themselves and their loved ones in case of emergencies. No matter where you are, there is a possibility of disasters that you […]

Xtra Socket

What is Xtra Socket: It is a socket that claims to convert any wall outlet in the house into a surge protected power station. Xtra Socket promises to be a handy solution for everyone in the house who likes to charge their devices but can’t find enough wall outlets for them. You also want to […]

Touch of Eco Twinspot

What is Touch of Eco Twinspot? It is an economical solar-powered dusk to dawn illuminating system. It claims to provide an ultra bright multi-use solar product built with motion sensor technology.   Quick, easy and reliable Touch of Eco Twinspot is the new solar-powered illuminating system that claims to make things easy for you. It […]


What is Airocide? It is a revolutionary air purifier that is equipped with scientific technology developed by NASA engineers and the power of nanotechnology. It clears the air of virtually all harmful gases like Volatile Organic Compounds and allergic substances contaminating your home spaces.   Time to discard the old Airocide claims that it is […]

Kidems Wheelsox

What is Kidems Wheelsox? It is a wheel cover for children’s ride-on toys that protect your expensive Harwood floors and linoleums from scratches and also eliminates screechy noise they cause.   No damage to your floors Kidems Wheelsox claims it’s an innovative solution that puts an end to the problem most families having little kids […]