Heat Surge Mini GLO

What is Heat Surge Mini GLO: It is world’s smallest heat surge fireplace that claims to be highly efficient for your heating needs. Heat Surge Mini GLO is meant to be breathtakingly small and a handsome addition to your interiors. At the same time it takes care of your heating needs quite efficiently, according to […]

Rug Brake

What is Rug Brake: These are rug pad corners that hold rugs in place so that you won’t trip on the corners. They are easily washable and the adhesive doesn’t leave marks behind   Write/Read Reviews Rug pad corners to prevent rugs from bunching, shifting and slipping Rug Brake promises to eliminate problems like tripping […]


What is SmartSlide? It is a handy attachment for sliding glass doors that helps you open and close them easily by pushing them without using your hands.   Write/Read Reviews No more worries Most of us tend to worry about passing through sliding glass doors especially if there are lots of things to carry along. […]

Ever Bulbs

What is Ever Bulbs – Ever Bulbs are extremely durable light bulbs and the only ones in the market that last for 10 years without burning out ever.   Save time, energy and money with Ever Bulbs Changing light bulbs every few weeks or months is a painful and frustrating chore but Ever Bulbs promises […]