Pocket Flip-Brella

What is Pocket Flip-Brella? It claims to be a heavy-duty umbrella that has a unique reversible design that holds the rain inside it, opens quickly, and even hold against strong winds.     Reversible umbrella Pocket Flip-Brella maintains to be an umbrella that closes the wet side inside and pushes the dry side to the […]


About ClearBell ClearBell maintains to be a doorbell that enables audio and video interaction with whoever is at the door. It asserts to alert you even when you’re outstation.     How does ClearBell work? The HD camera and two-way speaker system of ClearBell states to connect with WiFi network so that you can see […]


What is it? BugWall asserts to be the answer to keep bugs away from homes. It guarantees to create a hygienic and bug free environment. Be it ants, spiders, roaches, bed bugs or critters, BugWall alleges to create a vapor barrier and claims to keep them all away. Does BugWall really work as promised? send […]

Bell & Howell Color Changing Humidifier

What is Bell & Howell Color Changing Humidifier As per the TV infomercial it is humidifier that moisturizes the air, eliminates bacteria, diffuses aroma and changes color.     Effective humidifier Bell & Howell Color Changing Humidifier claims to be an extremely useful humidifier that helps fight dry cough and cold. Bell & Howell Color […]

Buzz Light

What is Buzz Light? Nobody like flies and mosquitoes because they are bothersome, carry dangerous and infectious diseases and prevents you from enjoying the outdoors. But now there is an effective way to get rid of those annoying bugs and insects that take away the joy of being outside. Here’s introducing the Buzz Light, a […]


About Litehouse Litehouse asserts to be a solar-powered and weatherproof LED lantern that’s an energy-efficient solution for indoor or outdoor living spaces.   How does Litehouse work? The solar panel of Litehouse convinces to convert sunlight into energy during the day. This stored energy is then used when it gets dark. It alleges to switch […]

Elefoot Handheld Waste Compressor

About Elefoot Handheld Waste Compressor Elefoot Handheld Waste Compressor proclaims to be a sturdy handheld waste compressor that makes space for more rubbish in the bin instantly so that you make fewer trips to the outdoor bin. Elefoot Handheld Waste Compressor promises to protect your hands from coming in contact with dirty and sharp waste. […]

Liquid Hold

What is Liquid Hold? Rugs and mats always slip and slide across the floor. Cutting rug pads is a pain and expensive and sticky tapes leave marks on your floor. But now there is an incredible and easy way to prevent mats and rugs from slipping and sliding. Here’s introducing Liquid Hold, a grip and […]

Atomic Beam Switch

What is Atomic Beam Switch? It’s an ultra-bright LED light switch that can be put up instantly to illuminate any place you want.   Bid Goodbye to Darkness The makers of Atomic Beam Switch introduce it as the perfect solution to the problem of darkness in places where you need light but can’t set up […]