Atomic Beam Switch

What is Atomic Beam Switch? It’s an ultra-bright LED light switch that can be put up instantly to illuminate any place you want.   Bid Goodbye to Darkness The makers of Atomic Beam Switch introduce it as the perfect solution to the problem of darkness in places where you need light but can’t set up […]

Magic Lights REVIEW

What is Magic Lights – As per the TV infomercial it is multicolored LEDs in a kaleidoscope to produce shimmering light effect that covers over 600 square feet. Magic Lights claims to be a better option over traditional LED lights with its innovative design. It declares to dazzle without the hassle of installation since all […]

InstaBrite REVIEW

InstaBrite Review Amy Clarke says in her InstaBrite review – “I bought four InstaBrite units but none of them work half the time. One of the units died a week later and does not switch on. The units randomly work for only a few hours and only one of the four works like it is […]

Backward Brella Review

What is Backward Brella It claims to be an amazing umbrella that is engineered to fold dry-side-out and wet-side-in to save the hassle of dripping umbrellas or getting soaked while closing them.   Backward Brella REVIEW Bertha Sherman in her Backward Brella review says “Backward umbrella is a disaster; it doesn’t latch when […]

Fend Review

What is Fend? – It claims to be a revolutionary technology that helps in continuously eliminating flying insects without the need of using chemical sprays or the traditional fly squatters.   Goodbye flying insects Fend proclaims to be a revolutionary solution that helps in attracting flying insects and eliminating them instantly. At this point of […]


What is it? The Touch of ECO’s SUNSTEP solar lights is a weatherproof stainless steel rechargeable solar step light with ultra bright surface mount LEDs and a high performance solar panel.   Automatic light sensor The Touch of ECO’s SUNSTEP is designed with a built in light sensor that automatically displays light at night so […]

ShineScape Solar Lights

What is ShineScape Solar Lights? – ShineScape Solar Lights are sun powered lights designed to light up outdoor areas at night. These lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at sunrise.     Write/Read Reviews ShineScape Solar Lights Claims Quick and easy installation – Simply attach the solar panel to the ground stake, place […]

Swivel Tray

What is Swivel Tray? It is a versatile tray with advanced compact design that can swivel 360° while keeping things safe and intact. Swivel Tray promises to make all your tasks, whether little or big, really convenient and easy.     Swivel Tray Claims Caters to your everyday needs efficiently – As the name suggests, […]