Wonder Core Cycle

What is Wonder Core Cycle? It claims to be a total body workout system that trains the entire body to provide tightening and toning of muscles along with heart-pounding cardio exercise.     Wonder Core Cycle CLAIMS Total-body workout solution Wonder Core Cycle guarantees to help achieve a great shape for fitness enthusiasts. Wonder Core […]

VibroShaper REVIEW

What is VibroShaper? – If you want to lose weight but simply dislike working out in the gym or doing normal exercise then it’s time for you to make the switch. Here’s introducing VIBROSHAPER, the ultimate oscillating gym designed to help you lose weight and improve fitness. With VIBROSHAPER, you lose weight and get a […]


What is WaverTone – As per the infomercial it is a superior body transformation equipement with 180 degree curve design to work the entire core and melt away fat easily.     Innovative Ab workout machine WaverTone assures to be a great abs workout machine that uses a breakthrough 180 degree curve design that supports […]

Country Heat vs 21 Day Fix

Compare Methodology: Country Heat vs 21 Day Fix Country Heat and 21 Day Fix are both weight-loss plans tailor-made by fitness expert Autumn Calabrese. Although they have different workout plans the core diet plan remains the same. There are seven color-coded containers provided to control portions and create additional calorie deficit. Country Heat is a […]

Fast Track Climber Review

What is Fast Track Climber It claims to be unique weight-loss machine that simulates vertical rock climbing motion to help burn calories and sculpt the entire body.     Revolutionary workout machine Fast Track Climber claims to be a new age machine that helps in losing weight and sculpting the entire body. Although there are […]

Rock Gym 2

What is Rock Gym 2? Rock Gym 2 is an ab sculpting machine that you can use at home to sculpt your abs. The Rock Gym 2 gives you a powerful yet simple, fun, safe and effective workout. Rock Gym 2 so versatile, allowing you to perform supported sit-ups, push-ups, strength training, leg training, body […]

Simply Fit Board REVIEW

What is Simply Fit Board It claims to be a unique exercise board that offers easy twisting motion along with pivoting action to engage the core, tone the muscles and lose weight.   https://a.govid1.com/allstar/simplyfit/SIMPLYFIT/1.0000/video1199.mp4   Simply Fit Board REVIEW Not well made – Rose who bought Simply Fit Board complained in her review she ordered […]

Gymform Vibromax Plus Review

What is Gymform Vibromax Plus: It is a compact fitness machine with advanced technology that claims to help you work out every muscle of your body at home. Gymform Vibromax Plus asserts that now you can get a complete body workout at home to get into the shape of your life. Gymform Vibromax Plus claims […]

Ab Bow Review

What is Ab Bow? It is an 8 in 1 muscle training system that claims to give you that perfectly toned body you have always wanted. Ab Bow assures you a safe and effective way of working out your entire body without having to go to the gym. You have decided to take matters in […]

Prison Body Workout Review

What is Prison Body Workout: It is an all natural workout that claims to help you get in the shape of your life in 90 days. Prison Body Workout maintains that now you can get into best shape without paying expensive gym membership fees or taking time out of your day to attend a fitness […]