Dream Books

What is Dream Books? As per the infomercial Dream Books claims to be a series of interactive learning books for kids. It enhances the learning experience by way of interactive and immersive techniques which help the kids to acquire knowledge and have fun at the same time. On being connected with a smartphone or tablet, […]


What is InnoTV? InnoTV claims to be a TV-connected educational system primarily for pre-schoolers between the age of 3 and 8. Operated by a kid-friendly wireless controller, InnoTV declares to be the perfect first gaming system for the little ones. It comes with four games that introduce language arts, math, science and arts in a […]

Brain Games Books

What is Brain Games Do you have problems remembering names? Do you sometimes find yourself standing somewhere with no recollection of why you are there? Are you losing the ability to focus on a task; are you finding it difficult to concentrate on anything for too long? You need to act now and get the […]

EDUSS Personal Math Tutor

What is EDUSS Personal Math Tutor It is a personalized math tutoring software that is designed to improve math weaknesses in kids from kindergarten to 8th grade in a very interactive and fun way.   Personalized Math Tutor: EDUSS Personal Math Tutor guarantees that it can helps kids overcome their weakness in Math and advance […]