Hidden Element DVDs

What is Hidden Element? Hidden Element is a set of 4 DVDs that claim to have changed the lives of thousands of people. Hidden Element DVDs promise to unlock the potential inside of you. Doug Baird who is a successful entrepreneur as well as the creator of Hidden Element promises to help you identify and […]

Family Bible Films

What are Family Bible Films: They are a collection of DVDs that claim to be the most entertaining way for your kids to learn the stories from the Bible. Family Bible Films have brought out a Friends and Heroes Collection of DVDs that promises to be the right option for kids to learn Bible stories. […]

OJ Simpson Trial DVD Set

What is OJ Simpson Trial DVD Set, Absolutely 100% Guilty It is a set of DVDs that has various key facts, footages and interviews from the 1994 Murder Trial that prove O.J. Simpson guilty.   O.J.Simpson Guilty: OJ Simpson Trial DVD Set, Absolutely 100% Guilty promises to provide some hard facts and reveal certain true […]

Opry Video Classics

What is Opry Video Classics? It is a collection of classic live on-stage videos of the greatest Country musicians at the Grand Ole Opry’s Ryman Auditorium.   Relive Country Classics: Opry Video Classics promises that it will send you back in time when the greatest of country musicians use to perform the biggest hits of […]

Mama’s Family Complete Series

  If you love sitcoms and especially the ones that tickle your funny bone then you probably know about Mama’s Family Complete Series. The hilarious comedy sitcom that flourished in the 80’s era still claims to have a lot to offer with each viewing. The sitcom originated from The Carol Burnett Show and ended up […]