RejuvadermMD vs Microderm MD vs PMD Review

Compare What is it RejuvadermMD vs Microderm MD vs PMD RejuvadermMD RejuvadermMDis an at-home handheld Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion system that gives professional quality treatment in tightening skin pores, smoothing out wrinkles and enhancing anti-aging regime.   Microderm MD Microderm MD is a portable at-home microdermabrasion system that’s basic enough to be used by a layman […]

Tommie Copper vs. Rehband vs. Phiten Review

What is Tommie Copper? Tommie Copper is a brand of sportswear that utilizes the benefits of science as well as skin health which allows athletes to improve and increase their mobility, performance, recovery and relief. Tommie Copper’s INNERGYWEAR™ has come out with our Recovery Line as well as Performance line of apparel. Our Recovery line […]