Clever Cleavage Bra REVIEW

About Clever Cleavage Bra It’s a wireless and strapless bra with an instant sticking surface as a substitute for straps. It lifts and shapes the upper body like a push-up bra. Clever Cleavage Bra could be the must-have wardrobe essential. It claims to be the perfect bra that provides the ultimate lift and shape and […]

Comfort Boost Bra

What is Comfort Boost Bra? Comfort Boost Bra claims to be an all-in-one bra that lifts and supports to enhance and improve body posture. It promises give body a great shape and not making it look all droopy and shapeless. The claims seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after Comfort Boost Bra […]

Angel Lace

What is Angel Lace? It claims to be a long-sleeve half cami that helps in reinventing sleeveless dressing. It states to tone the arms and hides the flab without ruining the look of the dress.     Angel Lace CLAIMS Reinvent sleeveless fashion Angel Lace promises to be the hottest trend that helps in reinventing […]

BodyLogic Wearables

About BodyLogic Wearables A range of fitness implements, apparel, electronic shapewear and more designed to tone your body and burn flab effectively     BodyLogic WEARABLES Claims Mind-boggling new ways to get rid of fat! BodyLogic Wearables proclaims it will leave you spoilt for choice as it’s about effective and effortless methods of losing weight […]

Comfort Click Belt REVIEW

What is Comfort Click? It is an innovative belt that fits anyone having sizes 28 to 52 inches flawlessly as it uses exceptionally sophisticated mechanism. Comfort Click Belt is an intelligently made belt that claims it boasts of numerous hi-tech features and looks. Comfort Click Belt features safe classic design that suits all outfits and […]

Genie Woman Bra Review

What is Genie Woman Bra? As per the infomercial it is a comfortable wire-free brassiere which is designed specifically for women with fuller figure to provide comfort, support, lift and shape.   Comfortable bra Genie Woman Bra guarantees to be the most comfortable bra that is designed for women with fuller figure. Such claims have […]

Bralief Review

About Bralief Bralief claims to be a non-surgical and adjustable bra strap provides instant lift to the breasts and prevents bra straps from falling. Bralief also proclaims to make the shoulders look more upright thus improving the posture of the wearer and providing a slimmer silhouette. Bralief convinces to work with bras, bathing suits and […]


What is Shruggies As per the TV infomercial it is an intuitively designed shrug that keep arms warm without ruining the look of a dress. It also possesses the property of concealing flabby arms and makes them look trim and fabulous.   Shruggies Features and Benefits Beat the chill – Shruggies promises to be the […]