Crumby Mini Vac Review

About Crumby Mini Vac Crumby Mini Vac claims to be a lightweight handheld mini vacuum that can clean any crumby mess effectively. Crumby Mini Vac assures to be safe for kids’ hands and can get all the mess on a sofa or rug, table, kitchen countertop, bed, workbench and car seat easily.     How […]

Clean Talk Review

What is Clean Talk: It is a UV light phone cleaner that promises to sanitize your cellphones within a matter of minutes. Clean Talk asserts that now you won’t have to worry about the germs that get into your body through your phone. We live in times where we just can’t do without our phones, […]

Aqua Jet Review

What is Aqua Jet – As per the infomercial it is a new and powerful washer that comes with turbo charged strength to release high velocity jet stream to clean the driveway, patio, windows, gutters and cars with ease.   Unique power washer Aqua Jet maintains to be the most powerful washer that can be […]

Mighty Mini Vac Review

What is Mighty Mini Vac – It claims to be a revolutionary compact-sized vacuum cleaner that cleans up crumbs, dirt and debris instantly. It also states to have auto-clean feature that cleans the mess all by itself.     A revolutionary cleaner Mighty Mini Vac proclaims to be a great handheld vacuum cleaner that helps […]


What is Vaccuflex? As shown in the infomercial, VaccuFlex claims to be an ultimate cleaning solution for hard to reach spots. It is an accessory kit that contains two rubber hose and four different diameters of tubing that easily connects to vacuum cleaners of any make and size. Do they really clean as effectively as […]

Crack Away Concrete

About Crack Away Concrete Crack Away Concrete claims to be a fast and easy way to fill in the cracks on the floors of your sidewalks or driveways to make the property look new again. Crack Away Concrete proclaims that anyone can fix the floors like a professional and save thousands of dollars. Whether caused […]

60 Second Oven Cleaner Review

What is 60 Second Oven Cleaner As per the infomercial it is a breakthrough solution that cleans the oven in mere 60 seconds. It has powerful formula that is not harmful on the material and yet is able to clean the grease, burnt food traces and carbon build-up easily.   Oven cleaning made easy: 60 […]

Botvac D Series Review

What is Botvac D Series? It is an ultra-sophisticated robot vacuum that features special LaserSmart technology with synchronized object detection that cleans your floor in a scientifically exact manner. Unparalleled technology for impeccable cleaning Botvac D Series could be the ultimate solution to all your woes and issues that make the task of cleaning your […]