60 Second Oven Cleaner Review

What is 60 Second Oven Cleaner As per the infomercial it is a breakthrough solution that cleans the oven in mere 60 seconds. It has powerful formula that is not harmful on the material and yet is able to clean the grease, burnt food traces and carbon build-up easily.   Oven cleaning made easy: 60 […]

Botvac D Series Review

What is Botvac D Series? It is an ultra-sophisticated robot vacuum that features special LaserSmart technology with synchronized object detection that cleans your floor in a scientifically exact manner. Unparalleled technology for impeccable cleaning Botvac D Series could be the ultimate solution to all your woes and issues that make the task of cleaning your […]

Attach-A-Vac Review

What is Attach-A-Vac As per the infomercial it is a convenient mini vacuum that replaces traditional vacuums which are bulky and difficult to maneuver. It claims to be so compact that it attaches to a broom stick and still provide a very strong suction.     Stay dirt free Attach-A-Vac claims to be the most […]

Bare Floor Pro Review

What is Bare Floor Pro It is a German made vacuum that claims to have been specially created for hardwood floors so that they are kept clean as they should be. Bare Floor Pro maintains that now it’s possible for you to keep your hardwood floors sparkling clean without a lot of effort. As a […]

Max Proof Review

What is Max Proof It is a liquid and stain repellant that promises to have several applications for you in and around your homes. Max Proof stresses on the fact that now you can increase the longevity of different items in your homes by keeping liquids and stains off them. How annoying it is when […]

Clip Mop Review

What is Clip Mop It is a mop with a telescopic handle, which claims to be just perfect for any kind of cleaning from floor to the ceiling. Clip Mop maintains that now you won’t have any issues while cleaning the floor or the ceiling with this one versatile mop. All home owners do everything […]

Cycluum Power Vac Review

What is Cycluum Power Vac As per the TV infomercial it is a compact vacuum cleaner that is driven by 750 Watts power to perform cleaning practically everywhere in the house. It combines the ease of portable vacuums and the power of heavy duty vacuums.     Clean everything with ease: Cycluum Power Vac claims […]

Good Planet Super Solution

What is Good Planet Super Solution? Good Planet Super Solution is a cleaning solution that that claims to be strong enough to clean the toughest dirt, grime and grease. But that’s not all. Good Planet Super Solution claims that it is also non-abrasive so you can use it on your stainless steel, glass, marble and […]