Instagone Max Review

What is Instagone Max As per the TV infomercial it is a multipurpose stain remover that’s great at cleaning up most type of stains including water, mold, mildew, rust and more by simply spraying at it. Like other formulas it does not need to be rubbed or scrubbed making so that it doesn’t ruin the […]

Inject N Clean Review

What is Inject N Clean? Inject N Clean is a carpet cleaner and sanitizer that helps you clean underneath the carpet to eliminate the bacteria and odors that remain after any spillage or stains on the carpet. It claims to be a stain remover and high potency cleaner allowing you to keep your carpet looking […]

Titan Twist Mop

About Titan Twist Mop Titan Twist Mop claims to be a rinse-and-go mop that can be rinsed under running water to give you a fresh mop head every time. It states to give you clean and hygienic floors without the use of chemicals. Titan Twist Mop maintains to have an extension arm that reaches high […]

Scour Power Review

What is Scour Power It is a scrubbing brush that has specifically been created to ensure that you can clean the drain and garbage disposal without any hassle, according to its claims. Scour Power maintains that now you won’t have to rely on those regular scrubbers, which can be a pain to clean the drains, […]

Scoopette Review

What is Scoopette? It is a smart,handy device that allows you to clean up your pet’s poop hands-free without using conventional pooper scoopers. It’s a collapsible tool that can be fixed on a leash and pockets waste easily without facing the unpleasantness of direct contact with it.     The perfect hygiene companion for dog […]

Genesis Minimax Review

About Genesis Minimax Genesis Minimax guarantees to be the best vacuum cleaner one can own for cleaning absolutely every corner of the home. Genesis Minimax asserts that it’s small and versatile yet powerful enough to work with a 1000W motor power, something traditional jumbo vacuums cannot achieve, also making the vac’s suction capacity very high. […]

Sweep Away Cleaner Review

What is Sweep Away Cleaner It is a specially designed cleaning formula, which maintains that now you can get rid of stains effectively and without any difficulty. Sweep Away Cleaner guarantees you perfect cleaning results every single time so that you can keep your surroundings spic and span, just the way you want. The cleanliness […]