Cozy Lotion

What is Cozy Lotion? Trying to get the last part of your lotion out of the bottle is an almost impossible task and using freezing cold lotion on your skin in not a pleasant feeling. Here’s introducing Cozy Lotion, a warmer and dispenser that empties and warms your lotion. Cozy Lotion is designed to fit […]

Sleep Clean

What is Sleep Clean? Sleep Clean is a soft, flexible and comfortable pillowcase crafted with natural anti-bacterial silver fibers to permanently prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria.   Sleep Clean CLAIMS Eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria Designed with silver coated threads, the Sleep Clean pillowcase eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria.   Durable and Long-lasting Similar […]

Flush-Tastic REVIEW

What is Flush-Tastic? Keeping your toilet bowl clean if your toilet tank is a mess is not easy but with the amazing Flush-Tastic, a double duty toilet cleaner cleaning your tank & your bowl is one flush easy. Flush-Tastic is an automatic toilet tank and bowl cleaner that scrubs your tank, jets, & bowl! With […]

Comfy Sleeper Review

What is Comfy Sleeper As per the infomercial it is a revolutionary pillow with adjustable layer to perfectly fit everyone’s need. It provides custom fit for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers in one design.     Get a good night’s sleep Comfy Sleeper proclaims to be the perfect pillow that lets you adjust […]

Dormeo D2 | Ultra | Supra

What is Dormeo D2? If you are looking for a mattress that provides better quality sleep and delivers comfort at the same time then what you need is the most amazing and incredible mattress, the Dormeo D2 Mattress. Introducing the Dormeo D2 Mattress, a 10 inch profile mattress designed to deliver a high level of […]

Dream Comfort Review

What is Dream Comfort: It is a mattress with blue gel foam technology that promises to let you get restful sleep every night. Dream Comfort claims to have an edge over old fashioned memory foam, which responds slowly and smells bad. With its advanced technology this mattress assures you good night’s sleep without any tossing […]

Sleep N Dry

What is Sleep N Dry? It is a smart pillowcase, which maintains that your pillow can now be clean and dry like you want it to be. Sleep N Dry assures you a good night’s sleep and relaxing time in the morning even after going to bed with wet hair. Yes, now you can shower […]

IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl

Compare what does it do? IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl IllumiBowl – It is a motion-activated light that can be attached to the rim of any toilet to illuminate the inner bowl to help see in the dark. IllumiBowl is automatic so it senses movement in the bathroom and turns itself on with its motion-activation sensor. […]

Cocoon by Sealy Review

What is Cocoon by Sealy? According to the television commercial it is a unique mattress that will let you sleep like a baby every night with its foam like comfort and firm stability. It guarantees to be so stable that you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements in the bed or even if your […]