Power Swabs Reviews and Complaints

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If your smile is your fortune, then there should be no reason you cannot flaunt it. But is the state of your teeth leaving you feeling inhibited and stopping you from flashing that winning smile of yours? In that case you don’t need to go through drastic measures or use those over the counter teeth whitening solutions that don’t always work and what’s worse is can have a harmful impact on your teeth. You have a simple and effective option in the form of Power Swabs, which is known as the world’s most advanced teeth whitening system and with good reason too.


How does Power Swabs Work

Power Swabs, quite simply is the first tooth detergent and whitening system that is extremely effective. It’s just like any other whitening system in the market, which is why it gives you the cutting edge advantage. To begin with you will realize that Power Swabs is very easy to use and you don’t have to contend with bulky trays or messy strips for that matter. These swabs can help get rid of stains and also ensure that your teeth are whitened in a matter of couple of minutes.

You will also be happy to note that unlike other systems that are available in the market, Power Swabs works on all surfaces, which makes it so versatile for you. And unlike other whitening systems you will find that the ingredients used in Power Swabs are naturally occurring. Thus, not only is it efficient to use on a regular basis, it is also extremely safe for you use.

Power Swabs are cleverly formulated and pH balance is maintained so that the enamel is rehydrated well enough. Thus the sensitivity of your teeth is well taken care of and you have a whitening system that doesn’t only ensure that your teeth look good but they feel good too. So exciting are the results that you will see two shades of improvement in the first treatment itself. What’s more, Power Swabs offer you sustained results as you get six shades of improvement in less than a week.

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Power Swabs FAQs

Is it safe and effective?
Extensive clinical studies on Power Swabs have proven its efficiency and safety. Moreover they have been used by dentists safely for years now.


When Stain-out Swabs are used and the gel won’t dry in 30 seconds, can White Swabs be used before drying?
There’s no reason Stain-Out Swabs HAVE to dry. You can use White Swabs irrespective of Stain-Out Swabs drying in 30 seconds.


Can the solution be swallowed?
They are known to be safe and the amount contained in one swab usage doesn’t have any known risks when swallowed.


What are the things to do within 30 minutes of applying it?
After the gel has been applied, for 30 minutes you shouldn’t eat, drink or smoke

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What does it contain?
A unique blend of proprietary detergents to remove stains and clean teeth’s white enamel are used in the Stain-Out Swabs. The White Swabs has a bleaching agent that whitens the teeth when it’s rubbed on them.


How long do results last for?
You get long lasting results with Power Swabs and studies have shown that teeth can stay whiter than the baseline for 6 months or longer.


Do Power Swabs have an impact on dental work?
Clinical studies and the fact that they have been used by dentists for years show that they are safe for dental work.


Can Power Swabs be used on teeth and gums? Does it affect the enamels?
It has been used by dentists for many years and clinical studies from the manufacturer show that it’s safe for use on teeth, gums and doesn’t damage enamels.


Can it be used when pregnant?
Cosmetic clinical studies on pregnant women are unethical; hence Power Swabs are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.


Can Power Swabs be used by children?
Although Power Swabs are designed to be safe, they shouldn’t be used for children under 16 years of age. It’s best to consult a physician or a dentist first.

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Power Swabs ULTRA

Get brighter and whiter teeth without sensitivity

Power Swabs ULTRA is an advanced teeth whitening system that works by penetrating around the tiniest of enamel rods. Traditional bleaching gels and pastes are too thick and fail to enter tiny spaces thus taking hours of application causing tooth sensitivity. But Power Swabs ULTRA is a thin liquid coagulated with foam and air. On contact the coagulation collapses back into thin liquid and penetrates around enamel rods quicker without causing sensitivity. Power Swabs ULTRA lifts away organic and inorganic stains while hydrating enamel giving you cleaner and whiter teeth in just minutes.


Two shades whiter teeth right after the first treatment

Power Swabs ULTRA uses an innovative mass action cleaning approach for maximum results with least teeth sensitivity. A single application of 5 minutes whitens teeth two shades lighter and can be used to remove stains from natural and artificial surfaces including veneers, caps, crowns, etc.


Six shades brighter teeth in 7 days

Power Swabs ULTRA can give you healthier and brighter smile after just 7 applications right at home and when you are busy without the need to visit a dentist’s office or use strips and trays. Power Swabs is affordable and the add-ons can keep your teeth healthier and whiter.


Power Swabs Complaints

Several complaints have been recorded by Power Swabs ULTRA users, primary being only a slight and even no results at all after the first or the 7th application even though stain remover and whitener were used and mouthwash and toothpaste instructions were followed. The swabs are too hard to fit into the contours of teeth and have no “gel” on them. With baking soda, peroxide, stabilizers, water, etc as listed ingredients peroxide is said to be a better option for whitening. Swabs come out with difficulty and even gave a yellow green color.


What do I get?

    1-Month Whitening Kit

  • 7 Day White Swabs
  • 7 Day Stain-out swabs

  • 6oz Power Rinse Mouth Wash
  • 15ml Power Gloss Toothpaste

All this for$49.50

    3-Month Whitening Kit

  • 12 Day Stain-Out Maintenance Swabs
  • 12 Day White Maintenance Swabs
  • 50ml Power Gloss Toothpaste

All this for $74.90

    3-Month Whitening Kit

  • 12 Day Stain-Out Maintenance Swabs
  • 7 Days of White Swabs
  • 7 Stain-Out Swabs
  • 17.75 oz Power Rinse Mouth Wash
  • 50ml Power Gloss Toothpaste

All this for $99.80

  • 3-Month 12 Stain-Out Maintenance Swabs for $49.50
  • 3-Month 12 White Maintenance Swabs for $49.95
  • 7 Day White Swabs for $29.95
  • 7 Stain-Out Swabs for $29.95
  • 6 oz. Power Rinse Mouth Wash for $14.95
  • 50ml Power Gloss Toothpaste for $24.95

Official website powerswabs.com

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Power Swabs Video

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8 Responses to “Power Swabs Reviews and Complaints”

  1. Nancy Rowat says:

    The product did not work for me. I try 2 rounds of whitening and the follow up maintenance. But, more annoying is that 8 weeks later another box of treatment arrived, which I did not order. I will be returning, presumably for a full refund, but it looks like I will be stuck with the shipping costs. I did not purchase any additional units but BEWARE, if you purchase on the web, it looks like you are automatically signed up for a ‘preferred customer’ status and the fine print is that the product keeps on coming even if you don’t want it.

  2. Carol says:

    waste of my almost $200.00

  3. Csnyder says:

    With these negative comments, guess I will NOT be trying power swabs. Too bad.

  4. Gerard J. McCormack says:

    Beware of Power Swabs!!!!

    I am 69 and used Power Swabs twice. Within 3 weeks I had Three teeth break off. Before my teeth where in perfect shape but yellow from smoking.


  5. James S. says:

    I had heard all of the radio commercials about power swabs. It sounded easy and great. After spending $200 for a 3 month supply for myself and my wife I noticed that power swabs did nothing to whiten our teeth. After the initial 7 day treatment was finished I used the toothpaste and mouthwash for a couple of weeks and not only did it not whiten, my teeth actually looked worse!

    This Power Swabs is a scam!

    • JoAnn says:

      Yes, my husband and I both used the power swabs and they don’t look any different. I took before and after pictures. I was so excited when I heard it worked on veneers because my husband has them on his 2 front teeth. I am going to call the company today.

  6. Did anyone buy Power Swabs, any testimonials?

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