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What is My Pillow?

Do you wake up every morning with a stiff neck, numb fingers and sore arms but cannot figure out why this is happening to you? Do you also often sleep with your arm under your head to work as a pillow and overturn your pillow a number of times because it heats up? Does all this make your toss and turn in your bed all night depriving you of fitful sleep that is so important for your health? In all likelihood it is your pillow that is causing you all the trouble.


How does MyPillow work?

The way most pillows available in the market are designed, they go flat in a couple of months resulting in uncomfortable sleepless nights, which does more harm to your health than you can image – like snoring and sleep apnea and the aftermath of these problems – migraines, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, insomnia and even asthma. If you’re looking to put an end to all these problems then look no further. You have MyPillow to help you get a goodnight’s sleep.

Created and manufactured by Michael J Lindell, who was himself a victim of sleeplessness caused by substandard pillows, MyPillow is the most comfortable, durable and healthiest pillow you could ask for. It supports the nerves in your neck, which in turn supports the nerves in your arms, torso, and legs. Other pillows do not support your vertebrae completely but using MyPillow supports your C-1 and C-2 vertebrae and lets your nerves rest and restore completely.

One of the reasons for that is the patented medical stuffing that keeps the pillow naturally cool. What’s more the pillow is dust mite resistant, easily washable and also non-allergenic. Using the pillow will get rid of all sleep related problems because it adjusts according to your comfortable position and keeps the cervical nerves in place while also keeping them cool and calm. This helps in beating stress and anxiety that you might be facing through the day. Compare My Pillow with I Love MY Pillow here


MyPillow’s Cooling Effect

Sleep loss can be caused by various reasons but the primary reason that everyone tends to ignore is a lack of cooling in the cervical nerves that get pressed against the pillow and do not get enough cooling and ventilation making you flip your pillow to the cooler side and disturbing your sleep.

MyPillow Cooling Effect cools the cervical nerves with its patented 100 % cotton fill and ensures that the user gets peaceful sleep. It contains open cell poly-foam which has a natural and built in effect to provide cooling unlike cooling zipper covers that fail to provide comfort.



What do I get? MyPillow is so durable that it comes with a 10-yr warranty and also with a 60-day money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with it. Official website My Pillow Comparison My Pillow vs Sobakawa vs Tempurpedic vs Tony Little My Pillow vs Bambillo vs My Pillow Premium My Pillow vs I Love My Pillow My Pillow vs Miracle Pillow vs My Pillow Premium


MyPillow Video

68 thoughts on “MyPillow Review

  1. This is one of the worst products I have tried
    a pillow from a dollar store is as good or better this pillow and a lot cheaper . After ordering this pillow from a home shopping network because the host raving about how great this pills was it didn’t take long to see this pillow is a expensive joke . There were 2 pillows in the package I didn’t even wast my time putting the second pillow in the dryer. I couldn’t return this pillow fast enough don’t wast your money or your time .

  2. I’m not even their customer, nor would I ever be, but they have been soliciting me by phone for 2 1/2 weeks (phone on caller ID comes up as “Minnesota Call 952-442-6199”) and will not stop the harassment. And this morning they also started sending me email. They have violated the Federal Do Not Call laws, and possibly they are randomly generating phone numbers, also a violation… it wouldn’t surprise me if they got my number from other scammers. They have been consistently rude and sarcastic with me, and hang up when I insist they stop calling me. Go online and research other complaints about what a toxic product they have, the poor quality, the underhanded sales tactics, charging credit cards without authorization, etc. Do not buy from My Pillow!!! They’re sleazy, and the product is terrible. Caveat emptor!

  3. My pillow took some getting used to, but I enjoyed the support it gave my jaw and neck. However, I washed it and dried by following instructions, and it has such a strong bleach-like smell, I can’t stand to sleep on them.

  4. What a piece of total shit!!!! Its nbot even a dam pillow,its a piece of cloth overstuffed with cheap sponge.You have got to be kidding me.If you even think of making this asshole profit another penny from this total scam your nuts.I tried this piece of shit pillow that a friend of mine bought and he got 2 of them.when I tried it I immediately tossed it wright into the garbage.I mnean it,I was so mad that a person like mike lindell can get away with not only making crap like this but being permited to sell it for a profit.Its cheaper than I even knew it would be.Mike please take this pillow and shove it straight up your scamming ass!

  5. My husband kept bugging me to order this supposedly “great pillow” so I paid $100 for one pillow and got one “free”. We were excited to get them. When I opened them I immediately felt scammed but we figured we would sleep on them a few days and give them a chance. My husband was so mad at how uncomfortable it was he flung it across the room. My ear goes numb after 10 minutes on it. We are going to send them back! We hate it so much it’s worth paying shipping to send back and waiting the month to get money back! I can’t believe this pillow was endorsed by anyone! Don’t waste your money! I wish I had read the real reviews before I ordered them!

  6. I have added several comments to these reviews. I want to be clear…I do like my pillow and I do not work for the company.
    I just can’t believe how people love to crank about stuff without educating themselves and doing some research. Then they like to blame the company! Must be a result of the internet, anonymous culture.
    Take some responsibility folks! If you have a true comment, back it up with facts. If you didn’t follow directions, you didn’t follow directions-don’t blame the product! Its not helpful!

  7. I LOVE this product! So few folks who actually like something take the time to review it! The pillow reminds me of a latex pillow I had and loved as a kid.

    My advice: pay attention when the site tells you not to order the pillow size thinking it will get smaller or softer over time. These are very hearty pillows and the fill will not reduce! The site offers to help you choose the right size pillow for you-they mean it, because it seems most of the pillows returned are because folks think they are too hard or too full. I ordered a few different sizes and they are truly different levels for different type sleepers (back vs. stomach vs side).

    I love mine. Choose the fill size based on what you like not on what you.currently buy and expect to reduce to. Use the help the company offers to fit you.

  8. I was also got scammed with my pillow. I thought I was buying 2 pillows for $19.99 the conditions (fine print) on the website are crystal clear that you are only “trying” the pillow for this price then 30 days later they wack my credit card for addittional $159. I filed complaint with better buisiness buero stating who reads the fine print for a $19.99 purchase? No satisfaction and pillow sucked for $19.00 it’s worse for $179 total rip off and scam. Did not return because of the many reported case of no refund, and felt to just cut my lose without watting more money. I’m embarresed I got scamed. I hope Mike Lindell relapse to his drug days and turns into a vegtable. Screw that scum bag.

  9. MyPillow is one of the worst pillow I ever bought. It is not worth the money we pay for it. I think it only worth 8 dollars it is flat does not stay cool, in general it sucks.

  10. I purchased a standard size “My Pillow” over a year ago. I love it. I always woke w/headache, stuffy nose & itchy runny eyes. Just figured that I must have allergies. After sleeping on my pillow all these symptoms disappeared. I purchased my son & grandson the same size last year. Then ordered (2) sets from QVC for Christmas gifts for my daughter’s family. Theirs’ are flat! I had ordered a set of queen size & a set of king size. The first 3 I’d purchased were from a catalog & were standard size. My daughter’s trying to return the 2 sets to QVC and wants to exchange them. She’s hoping that perhaps it was just a “bad” batch! We always used down/feather pillows prior to these “My Pillows” & felt that may’ve been cause for the allergy symptoms. I’ll post again to inform everyone on the outcome of the exchange. Hope my daughter doesn’t have same issues as I’ve seen posted here!

  11. First of all, during the infomercial, the inventor states that there are two Ulnas in the neck that this pillow supports. There are no Ulnas in the neck. The ulna is the medial bone in the lower arm. (Below elbow. They actually connect the forearm to the humerus. So hearing this sent up many red flags. He also states that the pillow supports c1 and c2. These vertebrae are so high up that it not possible for a pillow to support them. The vertebral arteries are sometimes compressed which causes headaches. But before you claim to be an expert… Please study anatomy and physiology. I would be more than happy to help with that.

    Secondly, this pillow gives me worse headaches. It is too full and has little to no give. I followed the instructions to the letter. The foam inside smells funny and it won’t conform comfortably to my head and neck.

    I will not be spending anymore money on this pillow until you make changes. And next time you are on air, please know your anatomy. I was embarrassed for you.
    The inside of this pillow is just different sizes of cut up foam. Total rip off.

    It gets hot and the Pam pieces smell and are hard. I got a rash on my cheek. I will never ever buy me again.

    • My question would be why did you purchase to begin with if you questioned the information the inventor stated. If you felt there were credibility issues around information/knowledge being presented why would you have proceeded with purchase?

  12. I bought a My Pillow. It does NOT stay cool. I have to flip to the cool side. It DOES go flat. Have to fluff often during the night Still have numbness in arm and hand. Hasn’t helped that a bit. Would not recommend it especially since it is so pricy.

  13. I actually love my Pillow. Got mine all the way here in New Zealand. With the guarantee why would you not give it a shot. My wife now has one too.

  14. My Pillow’s terms and conditions are clearly posted on their website. MyPillow offers a 60 day comfort guarantee in which the customer can opt to exchange their pillow for an alternate support level or return their pillow for a refund. See terms and conditions….


    You must read and agree to these Terms and Conditions before placing your order for MyPillow®, Inc. By placing your order for MyPillow®, Inc., you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

    Please check your order carefully upon receipt. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, return your item(s) back to My Pillow, Inc. within the first 60 days (30 days for toppers) from the date you receive your order, and we will refund 100% of your purchase price (less shipping costs). This refund will then be processed within 30 days from the time we receive your returned product. Return costs are the responsibility of the customer. We regret that we cannot accept “bill recipient” packages. Note: Pet Pillows have no guarantee – all Pet Pillow sales are final.

    An RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number is required for all returns and exchanges. You can obtain an RMA number by calling the customer service number, below. The RMA number must be on the packing slip and on the outside of the box, or else MyPillow® will refuse the shipment.

    I understand this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    I understand the information on this website or in emails is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care.

    I understand I should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting my doctor. I also understand that any product purchased from MyPillow, Inc. is not intended or to be used to treat any type of medical condition.


    All orders will be processed and will be shipped via USPS or FedEx, depending upon size of the order.


    If you have any questions regarding refunds, billing, or future orders, you may contact our customer service department:

    Email Address:

    952-442-6199 or 800-308-1299

  15. I have tried this My Pillow for about a year. I wake up multiple times and my neck kills me every time I use this pillow. My husband who can sleep on anything doesn’t like this pillow either. Disappointed majorly. I rarely buy things based in an infomercial now I know why.

  16. Just a few words about the my pillows, we ordered (3) pillows online (king size). When we received them for a try out overnight (1) night!! no different than any other pillow that you can buy at any local store and a lot less money, we paid for them w/ a credit card and after billing me, we decided to return them. We called to get a return number which they gave me and returned it. Now after (3) weeks w/ no credit back on our card I called them and was told it takes a month for credit. Boy it sure didn’t take that long for them to get there’s. Don’t buy, its a scam to get rich….. + return cost too.

  17. I, too, made the mistake of buying one of these, thinking it would help with my stiff neck. I have not noticed that it smelled, or became hot–Those weren’t the problems I had. For the first couple of months I thought it worked great. I followed the washing instructions that said to wash/dry every few months. Now, less than a year later, it has become as hard as a brick. I wake up multiple times in the night to try to fluff it and in no time it’s feeling rock hard again. I thought this was supposed to be so comfortable I’d sleep right through the night. Not when I have to wake up a dozen times to “adjust” it! Very maddening. This is the first time I”ve ever bought an infomercial product, and will probably be the last, considering the price. Total rip-off. Anyone got any suggestions for pillows that actually work and don’t cost a fortune?

    • I’m glad I read these reviews. For me the best pillow has always been a feather & down combination, so I guess I will stick with it. If it works, why change it, right? Thanks for the review.

  18. I received My Pillow for Christmas. I had a neck injury 18 years ago and have been searching for a pillow that would support my head while side lying as well as just my neck while sleeping on my back.

    I tried the standard pillow for about a month and it was too thick which prohibits back sleeping without keeping the neck bent forward. I awoke regularly with a headache.

    I wrote to the My Pillow people to tell them it was too thick and to see if they would adjust the pillow and they suggested I wash and dry it to fluff it up. I wrote and explained it was TOO THICK already they simply offered a return. Hardly a comfort guarantee. They stated that if I opened the pillow to take stuffing out the warranty would be void. Oh well, better than a headache and empty wallet.

    I couldn’t stand it anymore so I did just that last night. I was appalled to see that their “patented 3 piece interlocking fill” is chopped up foam, with absolutely no pattern, no interlocking and no 2 pieces are the same shape or size.

    What a ripoff. It is a lumpy, overstuffed chopped foam pillow. They should just sell it as an overstuffed shredded foam pillow. Consumers should note that none of the claims are based in real studies and are anecdotal.

    Consumers beware.

  19. Absolutely terrible pillow, especially for the $70+ they charge for the pillow. Lumped badly. Hot. After several nights use, finally got used to it. However, before long it became very hard and lumpy. I called customer service requesting replacement saying pillow failed. They then told me about a complex maintenance program which required placing the pillow in the washing machine following specific procedures. No where is this mentioned in the sales video clip nor in the instructions for care. Company refused to refund money. In fact, they were very rude. They basically said take a long walk on a short pier. 10 year warranty was worthless. They refused to honor the warranty. They claimed I did not follow the maintenance requirements.

    I bought a replacement pillow at Target for less than $20. It is super!! 100 times better than the worthless “My Pillow” and it doesn’t require a complex re-conditioning process every few weeks.

    Do NOT buy this MyPillow!!

    Patrick Dillon

    • When claiming a product “failure”, any company will require first that you followed the maintainence plan that is recommended, it was layed out on the website.
      That is reasonable and legal protection.

  20. I am a customer and I do not know what you mean by mail? I also do not have a website. But I have a complaint Or should I say a question. What is their return policy. I sent a Pillow back ( which I did not like at all) Jan. 8th. when I called they said they only received it on the 23rd. Now they say they have till Feb. 23rd to give me credit. Seems quite long.


  21. Pillow is scam

    Like other person , I had to push little bit of fill together in lump to make a place to put head. Feels like it is missing product. First time I put head on pillow, my head went right to mattress, like pillow wasn’t there. Cant believe Imus is endorsing this. Thought he was smart.

  22. Total scam…does nothing it claims to do. My $15 Laura Ashley pillow provides much better side sleeper support. Doesn’t cool at all in fact I awoke perspiring at the neck. Chemical smell is so strong it gave me a headache before morning. King size ordered is actually 1/4 ” larger then normal standard/queen size. I gave it two nights then tossed in the garbage where it belongs as an expensive lesson to NEVER by an infomercial product again. I wasn’t going to spend another $30 to return as I was sure I would never see a refund as promised. This guy who supposedly designed this pillow is a fraud. Save your money…I wish I had.

    • I suggest not sleeping on the pillow before you either wash it or put it in the dryer with a dryer sheet. It does have an odor when you first open it but it will go away if you wash or dry it first.

  23. I purchased My Pillow at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Paid $49.00. I have not been able to get comfortable with it at all. It looks nice on my bed and can be easily fluffed up. However, I sleep on my side and I hear crackling noises when my ear is pressed to it. Also, it feels very lumpy and there is still an acrid smell from the memory foam even after two weeks. Maybe others like it well enough to keep it, but I don’t think this pillow is worth the money. I plan to return it this morning. Luckily, Bed, Bath and Beyond has an excellent return policy and I don’t anticipate having any problems.

    • Yes, Just got mine in BBB as well. It’s going back. Just a bunch of small balls of foam. Shame. Another get rich scam. I’ll stick to my Herringtons foam pillow I have had for years.

      • The picture in the add and website clearly show its chopped up foam! How could that be a surprise? Thats what makes the product different.

  24. MY PILLOW SUCKS!! Run as fast as you can away from this company. Lousy customer service….if you don’t like the pillow you will pay for shipping costs both ways…My pillows were lumpy hard and smelled bad…

  25. Is this pillow still as bad as all these reviews say it is? Has anything changed in the mean time to correct problems listed above. For those that did like it, do you still feel the same way now that you have had it for awhile?

  26. My pillow what a scam, Worse pillow ever! I called for a refund the girl told me I have the girls level I said well you got this moron Michael J Lindell with his corny ass mustache hugging the same pillow on my box! Wrong level they said the same to my sister and her fiance they ordered the wrong level! Pillow sucks rather sleep on a Rock

  27. I want to start out by saying “Don’t Do It” !…The worst pillow ever !….I bought one for me and one for my wife. Both woke up the first night with neck pain and headaches. We got the recommended size pillows for ourselves. We will be sending them back after not even a full nights use ! Just found out today they sell them at Bed Bath & Beyond for more then half the price we paid online. Wow ! What a crime….Checked the company on the BBB Bureau website and has over 32 complaints in the last 12 months..I’m sure you will be able to get them even cheaper at the store when they go on sale because no one is buying them. If you want to try them go to the store and at least you can return them without having to pay shipping charges to send them back , and you will return them…You’ve been warned..Happy Holidays to all…


    I have purchased 2 of your larger King sized My pillows for my wife & I to use. Mine was too hard so I had to open it to reduce some of the stuffing. I was shocked to see the contents inside. What I found was just chopped up foam. What a Rip Off these pillows are, for the Huge price we paid for them. You should be ashamed of yourself for Ripping Off people all over this country.

    Now you’re sending people e-mail to Rip them off again. What nerve you have. In my opinion, you are no less than a Money Sucking Scum Bag with a lot of dishonest money. I think there needs to be a My Pillow Rip Off Website put up to show America what a Scam you are running. Also, I bet 60 minutes would love to hear the story of your Big Scam. I am so tired of people like you taking advantage of other people just to make money off them. You better enjoy your money while you’re here now because you are probably going to Hell when this life is over, for taking advantage and ripping off your fellow mankind.

    P.S. These pillows are honestly worth no more than $15-$20 each!

  29. Save your money! This My Pillow is so bad that it prompted me to write my first ever online review. Totally dissatisfying experience all around.

  30. Bought MyPillow @Alco, love it. Stays put, doesn’t go flat. Never noticed an odor. My back feels so much better even sleeping on my back. Did not put pillow in dryer. Perfect just as it is.

  31. I have to say that my wife and I are very unhappy with this MyPillow. I think we had it for about a year and the thing just keeps on getting worst. I emailed My-Pillow and they said to wash it and try the way they sent me the instructions. I did that and tried it for a while and it did not get better. We wake up with sore necks and backs. When we first got the pillows they worked fine. Way past the 60 day return they started to get bad.

    I was told if I had more problems after washing that I should call them.When I asked to speak to the person that sent me the email I was told she did not talk to anyone. Well it turns out all they want to do is replace them. They said that mu wife may need a different level of pillow but would not let us exchange for a different level. All I can say is buyer beware. My dog laid on the My Pillow and within 5 min he got up and never went back.

  32. Bought this MyPillow at Bed Bath and Beyond. Initially after laying on it, seemed pretty good. Woke up in the morning with the worst nightmare, which I believe was caused by the smell, which I hadn’t noticed till I woke up in the morning. Then I heard your suppose to wash it first. Good luck with that since it is basically foam rubber chunks, try drying that in the drier. Long story short , my wife and I took turns using it for several nights, after that we both agreed and brought it back.

    • I also bought one My Pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond and I am taking it back today which by the way, I was told that if I save the box and precept I could bring it back anytime.

      I have used this My pillow and I find it to be HOT to sleep on. Plus I now have shoulder and arm pain… which the ad claims this pillow will get rid of. I don’t find that it supports the neck at all.

  33. I purchased a MyPillow based on the Radio endorsement for my achy back and neck. While my back no longer aches, my neck is still in the morning to the point that i cannot place a phone between my ear and shoulder.

    Not comfortable, nothing special. Will be trying out other companies. Especially since my email to customer service went unanswered.

    Buyers beware. Or buy mine to be sold online soon for $40!

  34. They’ve sold over a million pillows. And most likely the reason why you guys are so unhappy, is because you ordered the wrong support level. And the smell of the pillow? Did you wash it when you received it like the instructions said so? Its the new pillow smell. It goes away fast. And when you make the order, it says in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ that when you return or exchange your pillow/s, you receive 100% of the purchase price, except shipping costs and you have to pay to ship it back.

    Why don’t you guys read the terms and conditions? Smh.

    • It says to put in warm dryer for 10 to 15 minutes it DOES NOT SAY TO WASH IT YOU read the instructions it does smell!

  35. I’ve been thinking about buying the MyPillow for my husband and went onto the site to “get fitted”, and put 1 into My Cart to order later. After ordering his size, I also ordered 2 travel sizes for me & our daughter. Then I decided to see what the public had to say…..thank God I did!

    Everybody’s review were very helpful, especially the ones regarding returning the pillows. I went back to the website to see how much shipping would be to return the items. Well…..not only is there NOTHING to click on to read about MyPillow’s Return Policy, but clicking on the “60 Day Money Back Guarantee” golden seal reveals two reviews by Satisfied Customers! Go figure!

    In conclusion, any company that isn’t willing to add their Return Policy on their site “isn’t worth their salt”! Thanks to all of you for your HONEST posts… saved us from spending $160 on 3 pillows!

    God Bless :)

  36. I just wanted to add my review of the My Pillow to the other negative reviews here. I agree it’s the worst pillow ever!! Lumpy, hot, stiff, smells like chemicals. Gave me a headache and neck-ache. Returned it today, will listen closer to reviews before buying anything online again!!! Don’t buy this pillow–it’s awful!!!

  37. Thanks to everyone who posted here…almost ordered the pillow for myself and my wife. So glad I checked here first. I would have ordered anyway to try it out, but I’m not spending $20 to ship it back if I don’t like it. If local stores carried it, I may try it, that way I could return it. I’ll just go to one of the high-end Dept stores and get some nice pillows there. They only last a few years, but better than being ripped off!

  38. My Pillow is lumpy, smells bad, is not at all comfortable to use, no matter how I adjust it, and I awakened with a stiff neck and headache. It reminds me of the original shredded foam pillows that came out in the early 60’s. Technology hasn’t improved in 50 years?!!! I will attempt to call tomorrow, for guidance re: returning the 2 pillows, and after reading the reviews, I expect problems. They would be overpriced @ $5.99 each!

  39. Absolutely horrible. Would like to tell that fat ass on tv that his product is garbage. Pillow I received was too small and I got deathly sick from the chemical smell it put out. Customer service gives me the run around and will not help. SCAM!!!

  40. Absolutely horrible. Would like to tell that far as on tv that his product is garbage. MyPillow I received was too small and I got deathly sick from the chemical smell it put out. Customer service gives me the run around and will not help. SCAM!!!

    • To answer the above MyPillow questions:

      I have tried the pillow, and sorry to say, it was not helpful. The web site states that if you wear a small sized tee shirt you should order the smallest pillow. What I received was a partially filled case. To get any filling under my head, I had to wad it up into the middle, leaving empty ends (after fluffing in the dryer for 15 minutes as instructed). There was also a very strong chemical smell, so it wouldn’t be usable for several days while it aired out, similar to memory foam products. I’m guessing this pillow is made from ground up memory foam chunks.

      When I called the company, they were quick to give me a return number, but the return shipping is at my expense. They weren’t the least bit interested in the problem, and no offer was made to send a larger pillow. Not exactly a no risk guarantee is it?

      • I want to thank you so much for your post. Have horrible neck problems and almost ordered. Just checked on it to see if it was good, you are the second person that had almost identical posts(went back to check if the same ). 2 out of 2 horrible results and you’ve saved me a huge headache and money I don’t have for this. Charlatan! :-) thanks

        • I was about to buy a couple and was smart enough to check reviews. from what two customers said I’m glad I didn’t order them.

  41. Is MyPillow really the healthiest and most comfortable pillow available?

    Does MyPillow really support the vertebrae and cervical nerves?

    Is MyPillow dust mite resistant, washable and non-allergenic like it claims?

    Does MyPillow really not heat up and remains cool all night naturally?

    Is MyPillow recommendable for even people suffering from shoulder pain and neck pain?

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