Wiper Wizard Reviews and Complaints

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Your wiper is the last thing you think about when you get in the car. Now there is a way to keep your old wipers working like new. Make old wipers work like new in just seconds and a fraction of the cost of new wipers. Stop spending fifty dollars or more on new wiper blades plus its a big hassle putting new wiper blades on. Wiper Wizard can do it all. Safe on all blades. Never buy another windshield wiper blade again! Avoid costly and inconvenient replacements or repairs.


Wiper Wizard

Over time dirt, debris, cold and heat can wear-out your wiper blade and when you are on the road there is nothing you can do about it. The Wiper Wizard has scientifically engineered micro-crystals that work together to smooth away those rough edges on the surface of the blade. With just a few swipes you are riding streak-free, noise-free and safe. You can use it over and over again.

How to use Wiper Wizard

  • Step 1 – Slide the Wiper Wizard on to your wiper blades.
  • Step 2 – Gently swipe the Wiper Wizard up and down the wiper blade.
  • Step 3 – Clean the debris with the wizard wipes.

Wiper Wizard Complaints/Disadvantages/Cons

It’s difficult to try and fit this product onto any wiper blade, which is disastrous. And if you somehow manage to do that you realize that it doesn’t improve the performance of the blade in any shape of form. The product is completely useless and a total waste of your money, when you actually buy it with the idea of saving money for yourself. You are better off spending that money on wiper blades and replacing the worn out ones. Trying to restore them with the help of this product will be a waste of your time and effort too.



What do I get?
  • 2 Wiper Wizards
  • 10 Wizard Wipes
2 Wiper Wizards & 10 Wizard Wipes for just $10.00 + $13.98.99 S&P ($9.99 S&P to AK, HI, and PR). Sales tax will be added for deliveries to CT and NY. The Wiper Wizard has a 30-day money back guarantee (less S&P). Please Visit The Official Website www.wiper-wizard.com



Wiper Wizard Video A Genius Tool that Saves Money and Helps Restore and Extend the Life of Windscreen Wiper Blades.


10 thoughts on “Wiper Wizard Reviews and Complaints

  1. I’m a bit concerned here.

    I have personally bought a wiper restorer from wiper-wizard.com and it is perfect. Does exactly what it says it will.
    However, I have also searched for information on another unit that sometimes calls itself a wiper wizard (no hyphen) which is a yellow cassette type of thing with a rough and a smooth abrasive that they call a micro something. It is sandpaper. This is the SCAM.

    I’m told THAT cassette units have springs that rust internally and shred your blades. It IS NOT the same as the Wiper-Wizard.com unit which has NO moving parts and apparently was designed by a professional engineer and has NEVER had a complaint.

    Be careful which one you buy because the cassette thing is junk and can damage your blades and sand them erratically. I know because i have now tested and dumped it.

    The big video on this page is of the good one that has never had a complaint…It has NO MOVING PARTS and is very sensible to the task.

  2. Wiper wizard looked like a promising product especially for my cars aging wiper but I had to be sure of how well it really works. The only place I could resort to was the internet to look up for “Wiper Wizard reviews” but at one point it turned to be a very bad idea since most of the reviews I scanned were a scam of some kind. I could tell because the reviews said the product was brilliant and had no flaws which are still acceptable except the fact that the sites had Buy Now button to purchase the product right there. All these similar websites had many annoying pop ups which made me exit the site quickly. Thankfully I found your site and got to read a genuine unbiased user review. Keep up the good work.

    • Many crappy products are sold on a wider scale by such marketing scams which use an existing loophole in the search engines to promote fake reviews. The search engines cannot distinguish between real and fake review making it easier for manufacturers and affiliates to setup promotional sites that carry rave reviews about the product and a link to sell the product right away.

  3. What is the difference between the ‘rough’ verses the ‘fine’ side of the Wiper Wizard. Do you use both the rough and the fine, if so, which one follows the other?

  4. This product was order by me on the phone, and I never received it. It has been a least a month, and my card was charged for the purchase.

  5. Sounds like some have done a heap of different tests on a heap of different blades in just about every type of weather condition. While the various new blades coming to market are becoming a little more technically intelligent I personally still have a great problem with the thought of paying quite so much for this new technology at all. Even up until this day, it has been expected of us to think it’s okay to simply wait until our wiper blades (very quickly) show signs of wear through smearing, juddering or squeaking and then we should simply toss them out and buy a new set. Have you noticed that no new wiper blade sets have instructions on how to make them last a lot longer? How to not stick to frosty windscreens? How to soften them if they get brittle? Are there any parts that can be recycled? Are the suppliers trying to make them last or help the ecology? Of course not. They want you to spend and spend hard. However, they now have another problem don’t they?

    Happily I recently came across a small tool that is able to RENOVATE the working surface of most blades by producing a fresh sharp edge where needed. If you have a look at wiper-wizard you will see a very efficient little tool that works wet or dry, doesn’t rust, has no moving parts and can resurface in less than 60 seconds easily. Best of all, I will now be able to get about 6 times the normal life expectancy from my wiper blades before I need a new set, which to me means the current set I bought will eventually only cost me about $2.50 per expected life.

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