HD Mirror Cam Review

About HD Mirror Cam

HD Mirror Cam claims to be a high definition dash camera built right into the rear view mirror that records the audio and video of everything that happens when you drive to save you from the hassle of insurance claims, fights, and lawsuits if you are in the clear. HD Mirror Cam guarantees to attach to the rear view mirror in seconds and does not obstruct your view and works during the day as well as at night.



How does HD Mirror Cam work?

Traditional dash cams are all window mount that obstruct your view and may get you a ticket. But HD Mirror Cam assures that it is built right into a rear view mirror so it won’t come in your way. HD Mirror Cam asserts to be very easy and quick to attach. You just need to place HD Mirror Cam on your car’s rear view mirror and strap it on securely. HD Mirror Cam proclaims to have a built-in transparent video screen that lets you keep your eyes on the road while recording everything.

Record video and audio of your drive
For any driver it is common to get into accidents and face the brunt even when it isn’t your fault. Trying to prove who is wrong, insurance claims, and lawsuits can be a nightmare if you can’t prove your innocence. But now HD Mirror Cam, a high definition dash camera records the audio and video of everything that happens on the road while you drive. There are window mount dash cameras available but they block your view and can get you a ticket. But HD Mirror Cam emphasizes that the camera lens and the transparent LCD screen are built right into the unit that attaches to your car’s mirror and becomes a part of it so your view will be unobstructed while you get recording till as long as you are on the road.

Wide angle lens adjusts to light changes – HD Mirror Cam maintains that its lens is 180 degrees wide angle and captures crystal clear videos and adjusts automatically to light changes. So whether bright sunlight, shadows in the tunnels or darkness at night, HD Mirror Cam records everything clearly making it ideal for daytime as well as nighttime driving. The recorded video can allegedly be viewed right on the unit or even downloaded, saved on a flash drive or a computer and shared.

High-end features – There are many high-end features that HD Mirror Cam convinces to have, such as image stabilization, motion detection, optional date and time stamp, photograph mode and anti-glare dimming and automatic start on ignition. HD Mirror Cam comes with an inbuilt car charger and the built-in SD card states to record for up to 14 hours of video and audio in full HD 1080p video recording with the option for endless loop recording. HD Mirror Cam promises to attach discreetly to the rear view mirror of any vehicle and can be swiveled in any direction so that no one will ever know they are being recorded.


What do I get?

You will receive the HD Mirror Cam™ for just $49.99 +$7.99 P&H.Official website hdmirrorcam.com

17 thoughts on “HD Mirror Cam Review

  1. I ordered 1 and was charged for 2 called to have one taken off they charged me with a 3rd one, now I have to wait till it post to try and get my money back, what a rip off

  2. When I first ordered my mirror cam, I was charged twice when I only purchased one, but I was reimbursed! Shipping was fast!! Opening the package I was a bit worried that it would only work being plugged in, but I was wrong! It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge it. It’s so easy to use! The buttons are pretty much self explanatory, a 5 year old can use it! I have not tried looking or uploading what I’ve recorded on my computer, so I can’t comment on that. I do wish I had this BEFORE I wrecked my car in June though! Even after having a police officer as a witness & him issuing a failure to yield ticket to the gentlemen I rammed into, his insurance company doesn’t want to pay because they’re saying it was my fault!? Now, I can record everything and anything that happens on the road! I’m so glad for this device! It’s really neat.

  3. Worked straight out of the box and no problems with the actual use, however, when I remove the card and place it in the reader and then into my computer all the file names and such are in Chinese and every file I click on asks to search for an app to access it.

  4. I too have recive the HD Mirror Camera but it dose work at all, it can’t play back, it dosent hold a full charge afther beening charge 16 hr in car. It doent hold up the date & thime stamp an there costumer sevrice is a lier to. Ho herd of a 48hr return lapel taking so long to recived. They have also sent an email that states I want a replacement too which I,ve never sent to them. If your looking for more info you can email me at gmburdelljr@gmail anytime. Please dont buy this product for they will get to you anyway they can.

  5. The bracket that the rubber band pieceses hook to one on each side broke off can’t replace them in parts list

  6. I just paid for this over the phone it was supposed to b 49.99 plus 10.00 s/h, 2.00 insurance and 8.00 for SD card. My total came up to 141.93 (huh) I immediately stopped payment. Never did I talk to an agent and u can’t. This is a scam save your buy something similar from a truck stop, Walmart or best buy where u can talk and inquire about the product. Middle finger to this company

  7. Save your money people. The rear view mirror vibrates like crazy, it does not set up as easy as indicated, some features are not even found. There is no ten minute loop recording, it only goes as high as 5 min. no setting can be located to turn off the screen and still be recording. When you set the motion detection feature on, you can forget capturing anything that might happen while you are in the store or in your driveway, because when you shut off the vehicle, the thing resets it self and goes off. then when you get back in, you have to go into the menu and turn it back on. Internal parts can be heard rattling around inside the Mirror while diving. As far as the tactic of getting a ticket with other devices, if you check with any police officer, they will tell you as long as it is not in direct line of site, you will not get a ticket. Most people have more obstructions hanging from their Mirror,s than a cam would block. I even contacted the company about the loop recording feature and was give a vague reply that led nowhere.

    • You have really helped me with your honesty! I was about to order it til I read this. Thanks a million. I really wanted it for when I’m not in my car, but you said it doesn’t work. Thanks again

  8. I just have a suggestion, you need to find a way to develope a four way mirror. If you get hit where the camera isn’t pointed to, you have no proof. No one has time to turn the camera during a accident.

  9. I like it except during playback the video jerks a little, I wish it played smoother. You get what you get for the price. I give it four stars

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