Slen Angel Review

What is Slen Angel? The Slen Angel is a body shaper with six adjustable closures. The Slen Angel claims to be your one stop solution to get that enviable figure you’ve always craved as well as the perfect posture to go with it. The Slen Angel is similar to a sauna belt and works on […]

Fuzz Secret Review

What is Fuzz Secret? The Fuzz Secret is an amazing three in one tool for reviving any sweater or fabric. The Fuzz Secret helps in removing pills from your sweaters, dresses, woolens and even your upholstery and makes them look brand new again. With three specially designed heads to transform all your clothing, the Fuzz […]

Dump cake Review

What are Dump Cakes? Dump Cakes are mistake proof dessert recipes that makes delightful homemade dishes in just minutes. The Dump Cakes recipes allows all you busy mums and dads – stay at home or working – to make your kids a delicious treat as often as you can because of the ease and simplicity […]

Draw Jammies Review

What is Draw Jammies As per the TV infomercial they are pajamas for boys and girls that come with magic markers that can help create fun designs and drawings every day and quickly goes off in one machine wash.     Bedtime made fun: Draw Jammies claims to be great at making bedtime less of […]

Cycluum Power Vac Review

What is Cycluum Power Vac As per the TV infomercial it is a compact vacuum cleaner that is driven by 750 Watts power to perform cleaning practically everywhere in the house. It combines the ease of portable vacuums and the power of heavy duty vacuums.     Clean everything with ease: Cycluum Power Vac claims […]

Copper Wear Tape Review

What is Copper Wear Tape It claims to be a set of copper-infused tape that has a fabric that is ultra-comfortable for supporting various parts of the body while performing different activities. It comes with an adhesive and can be simply taped on the body part for providing additional support.     Support like never […]

Car Cane Review

What is Car Cane As per the infomercial it is a portable handle that locks into a door latch of any car easily to provide support while getting in and out of the car with ease. It is perfect for people suffering from back and knee pain who face lot of problems while getting in […]

Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler Review

What is Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler It claims to be an amazing hairbrush with tourmaline blend that can be used to create bangs, waves and curls in hair very easily. It also helps in making hair smoother, shinier, healthier and less frizzy. It’s the brainchild of a celebrity stylist Campbell McAuley who has designed it […]

Bright Squares Review

What is Bright Squares – It claims to be an LED light that is very bright and extremely portable. It requires no installation or wiring to place it for providing light easily in darkest of corners.   Light up the dark: Bright Squares states to be very good at lighting up the dark spaces where […]