Stable 26 Stability Socks

What is Stable 26 It claims to be performance footwear that stabilizes the feet and relieve pain. It states to have technologically advanced soft silicone stabilizing pads in the medial and lateral region to reduce pain in 26 bones. Stable 26 promises that its smart design offers a way to perform all activities such as […]


What is FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra – As per the infomercial it is a multi-level adjustable magnetic resistance workout bike that helps in weight loss. It also has built-in resistance bands that provide upper body workout as well. FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra claims to be a flexible, adjustable stationary workout bike that helps in toning […]

NutriInfusion 700 and 218 REVIEW

What is NutriInfusion 700 It claims to be a powerful nutrient extractor that makes healthy drinks while retaining all the goodness in fruits, vegetables, skins, seeds, and nuts. What is NutriInfusion 218 As per the TV infomercial it is a powerful blender that spins at 17000 rpm to easily make smoothies, dips, desserts, and cocktails […]