Be Aligned Review

What is Be Aligned? Do you use a pillow between your legs to help relieve pain in your back, legs or hips? Do you wake up sweating at night because of the heat from your pillows? If you do then what you need is the amazing and incredible knee support pillow, Be Aligned. Be Aligned […]

Swivel Brite Review

What is Swivel Brite? Does your counter top block you from putting on your makeup up close? Do you wish your bathroom had better lighting? Now there is an incredible magnification mirror that lets you see from any angle, 360 degrees, clearly and up close. Here’s introducing Swivel Brite , an LED 5x magnification mirror […]

Barber Sharp Review

What is Barber Sharp As per the infomercial it claims to be a unique surface that helps in rejuvenating razor edges to make them sharp and new to help them last long. It is the same technology that barbers use to sharpen razors.   Enhanced razor edge Barber Sharp proclaims to be the revolutionary item […]

Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave Review

What is Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave: It is a safe, quiet, dimmable, energy efficient bulb that claims to replace your standard bulb with ease. Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave assures you an energy efficient source of light that is quite convenient to use around the house as well. Today many of us have become […]

Mighty Clips Review

What is Mighty Clips As per the TV infomercial it is a set of clips that are designed to seal and secure food packets and bags. It keeps the food fresh, crisp and delicious. It is made from stainless steel material to increase durability and effectiveness.     Perfect seal Mighty Clips claims that it […]

Airflow NS Review

What is Airflow NS The TV commercial states that it is the first ever and world’s only water filtered combination of wet and dry vacuum and air cleaner and purifier. The cleaning system asserts that it doesn’t use messy dirt bags or filters that release the dust mites, germs and dust back in the air. […]

Egg Pops Review

About Egg Pops Egg Pops states to be microwave egg cooker that gives you perfect hardboiled eggs without the shell within a minute. It assures to save your time while boiling eggs since you do not have to boil or peel the eggs. Since Egg Pops cooks without the shell, it claims to let you […]

Accordion Light Review

What is Accordion Light? Are you tired of using those old-fashioned flashlights every time the power goes out? You need your hands free but have to hold the flashlight to view what’s in front of you. Now there is an easy to use flexible flashlight that gives you light instantly and will keep you handsfree […]