AccuAid Hearing Aid Review

What is AccuAid Hearing Aid It claims to be a revolutionary hearing aid that has a new age Micro-Miniature Technology that helps in amplifying sound up to 30 times. Its design is kept so small that it sits discreetly behind the ear. Hear clearly: AccuAid Hearing Aid claims to be an amazing hearing aid that […]

60 Second Oven Cleaner Review

What is 60 Second Oven Cleaner As per the infomercial it is a breakthrough solution that cleans the oven in mere 60 seconds. It has powerful formula that is not harmful on the material and yet is able to clean the grease, burnt food traces and carbon build-up easily.   Oven cleaning made easy: 60 […]

Wubble X Review

What is Wubble X As per the TV Infomercial it is an amazing anti-gravity ball that has the ability to bounce, float, spin and fly. It basically looks like a bubble but functions like a ball and provides endless fun indoors. The floating magic happens due to use of helium in it. Endless fun Wubble […]

Ray Away Tint Visor Review

What is Ray Away Tint Visor: It is a visor for your cars to protect you from the blinding rays and UV light while you drive safely without the interference of the glare, according to its claims. Ray Away Tint Visor assures you protection from UV light from the Sun while you drive. You know […]

Turbothrust Saw Review

What is Turbothrust Saw? If you are tired of using ordinary power tools for household projects that just don’t do the job then what you need is the all new compact power tool, the Turbothrust Saw. Turbothrust Saw is a new revolutionary power tool designed to cut anything. The Turbothrust Saw cuts with great precision […]

Best Jeans Ever Review

What is Best Jeans Ever: They are the pair of jeans that claims to be the best jeans you have ever worn because they are high on both, comfort and style. Best Jeans Ever maintain that you will not face any discomfort wearing them while you put your stylish step forward wherever you go. The […]

Fung Away Review

What is Fung Away: It is a topical nail fungal remedy that claims to eliminate fungus without damaging the skin around it. Fung Away maintains that now you won’t have to go to great lengths to eliminate fungus that grows around your toes because it can do the job easily for you. Today we understand […]

Flexi Blaster Review

What is Flexi Blaster? Are you tired of using ordinary hose heads that break easily and are difficult to use? Then what you need is the all new and incredible hose nozzle, the Flexi Blaster. Flexi Blaster is a new and innovative hose head unlike other ordinary hose nozzles. Featuring a revolutionary one touch control, […]

EverCool Self Cooling Towel Review

What is EverCool Self Cooling Towel: It is a cooling towel that makes the most of a special technology to ensure that you can cool off wherever you are instantly, according to its claims. EverCool Self Cooling Towel assures you a smart and easy way to cool off without too much hassle. You could be […]