Hold A Plate REVIEW

About Hold A Plate Introducing Hold A Plate, a patented, innovative and revolutionary cocktail plate that lets you use one hand for your plate or drink and the other hand for eating, shaking hands or texting. Unlike other combination food and drink plates that just don’t do the job, Hold A Plate lets you easily […]

Cozy Lotion

What is Cozy Lotion? Trying to get the last part of your lotion out of the bottle is an almost impossible task and using freezing cold lotion on your skin in not a pleasant feeling. Here’s introducing Cozy Lotion, a warmer and dispenser that empties and warms your lotion. Cozy Lotion is designed to fit […]

Bucket Stool

What is Bucket Stool? It’s an all-in-one seating and storing stool you can sit on when placed over a bucket and simultaneously put things inside it through the gap below. Bucket Stool is a unique stool that aims to make things easy and help you relax when you go about chores at home and outdoors. […]

Clever Cleavage Bra REVIEW

About Clever Cleavage Bra It’s a wireless and strapless bra with an instant sticking surface as a substitute for straps. It lifts and shapes the upper body like a push-up bra. Clever Cleavage Bra could be the must-have wardrobe essential. It claims to be the perfect bra that provides the ultimate lift and shape and […]

Best Kitchen Hacks

What is Best Kitchen Hacks? As per the infomercial it is a book that offers tricks and tips that helps in performing various kitchen chores easily and professionally.     Become a pro in kitchen Best Kitchen Hacks guarantees to be your one stop shop for performing chores in the kitchen. Best Kitchen Hacks states […]

Air Bolt Compact Air Compressor

What is Air Bolt Compact Air Compressor? Air Bolt Compact Air Compressor asserts to be a multi-utility, portable, high-powered, pistol-grip air compressor delivering professional air inflation for car, bike, utility vehicles, garden machines and sports equipment. Smartly designed with construction grade quality, Air Bolt Compact Air Compressor also states to come with bright LED. This […]

Acionna Rosacea DEFENCE

what is Acionna Rosacea DEFENCE alleges? Acionna Rosacea DEFENCE alleges to be a scientifically engineered natural solution to Rosacea. Found in facial skin, Rosacea is a chronic and potentially life-disruptive disorder. Acionna Rosacea DEFENCE claims to be crafted to yield large quantities of thermally sound HOCL that is the key to natural healing and immune […]

5 Minutes Shaper PRO

what is 5 Minutes Shaper PRO? 5 Minutes Shaper PRO alleges to be an intensive ab, core and total body workout machine. Based on inclined reverse crunch movement it claims to sculpt the body by spending only 5 minutes in a day. The design asserts to include unique bi-lateral swivel that emphasizes to enhance flexibility […]

Wonder Wallet Ultra Light

About Wonder Wallet Ultra Light Wonder Wallet Ultra Light claims to the thinnest and most organized wallet that’s indestructible and protects cards from identity theft. The patented wide design of Wonder Wallet Ultra Light is laid out like a photo album to carry twice as many items on both sides while staying five times slimmer […]