What is Citrinex As per the infomercial it is a naturally sourced supplement that works at a cellular level to reduce excess melanin production and help fade dark spots. Remove dark spots Citrinex promises to be a breakthrough capsule that helps in reducing the melanin production from sun exposure and reduce dark spots. One Citrinex […]

Circle of Friends

What is Circle of Friends It claims to be a range of hair care solutions that are formulated for children. It has a range of fragrances that are specific for different hair types.   Hair care for kids Circle of Friends proclaims to be a range of kid specific hair care solutions. It states to […]

Buzz Light

What is Buzz Light? Nobody like flies and mosquitoes because they are bothersome, carry dangerous and infectious diseases and prevents you from enjoying the outdoors. But now there is an effective way to get rid of those annoying bugs and insects that take away the joy of being outside. Here’s introducing the Buzz Light, a […]

Crazy Cakes

About Crazy Cakes Crazy Cakes proclaims to be a cake pan and insert system that turns cakes into double treats by filling it with surprises such as candies, cookies, fruits and ice creams. It declares to be easy to use and great for baking cakes for any occasion, announcement, or just for fun.     […]

Five Star Power Tool

About Five Star Power Tool Five Star Power Tool proclaims to be a cordless easy-to-handle hardware tool that can handle five different jobs singlehandedly.     How does Five Star Power Tool work? Driven by 18v motor, Five Star Power Tool declares to have a removable drill chuck that offers multifunction with attachments including sander, […]

Sink Side Strainer

About Sink Side Strainer Sink Side Strainer asserts to be a countertop colander that drains straight into the sink to prevent food from touching dirty dishes or sink bottom.   How does Sink Side Strainer work? Sink Side Strainer sits on the countertop next to the sink and its ergonomic angled design and the opening […]


About Litehouse Litehouse asserts to be a solar-powered and weatherproof LED lantern that’s an energy-efficient solution for indoor or outdoor living spaces.   How does Litehouse work? The solar panel of Litehouse convinces to convert sunlight into energy during the day. This stored energy is then used when it gets dark. It alleges to switch […]

Dirt Devil Reach Max

About Dirt Devil Reach Max Dirt Devil Reach Max claims to be a 3-in-1 cordless, lightweight, and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner that can be used anywhere in the house.   How does Dirt Devil Reach Max work? Hard floors or carpets, Dirt Devil Reach Max promises to power through any mess with its premium Spin4Pro brushroll. […]

Wonder Core Cycle

What is Wonder Core Cycle? It claims to be a total body workout system that trains the entire body to provide tightening and toning of muscles along with heart-pounding cardio exercise.     Wonder Core Cycle CLAIMS Total-body workout solution Wonder Core Cycle guarantees to help achieve a great shape for fitness enthusiasts. Wonder Core […]