illuMask vs Neutrogena Mask

Compare What is it? illuMask vs Neutrogena Mask illuMask – illuMask is an LED light therapy mask designed to be used at home. When the mask is placed over your face, it delivers red and infrared light onto your skin leaving you with firmer, smoother, and more elastic skin. Neutrogena Mask – The NEUTROGENA Light […]

Tac Belt REVIEW | Report

What is Tac Belt It claims to be a storage pack that is creating using tactical grade material. This durable, weather and water-resistant bag can be strung over the shoulder or worn around the waist. Tac Belt asserts to be designed with numerous sections to hold all the essential items with ease.     Tac […]

Ab Doer 360 vs Ab Doer Twist

What is it? Ab Doer 360 vs Ab Doer Twist Ab Doer 360 Ab Doer 360 is the only fitness system that uses ABDOBICS. ABDOBICS is a revolutionary workout scientifically designed to increase calorie burn and build muscle fast! Ab Doer Twist Ab Doer Twist provides an abdominal-based workout that combines muscle toning with aerobic […]

Freedom Light REVIEW

About Freedom Light Freedom Light asserts to be a portable light up switch that comprises of powerful LEDs that offers powerful and portable lighting. Freedom Light declares to come with a switch that needs to be flipped on to emit light. It states to use ultra-bright LEDs that can light up a wide area that […]

Copper Knife

Copper Knife Copper Knife claims to be a stainless steel knife that stays sharp with its nonstick copper coating to cut through any food items easily. The copper coating of Copper Knife along with the oval cuts in the center allegedly ensure that food doesn’t stick and the friction is reduced during cutting and chopping. […]

Chef 360

What is Chef 360 Chef 360 proclaims to be a food prep system that helps in completing kitchen chores and cook mouth-watering meals in mere minutes. Chef 360 alleges to have three interchangeable blades that can be fitted easily over its bowl. Simply place the food to be processed over it and move in the […]

Hold A Plate REVIEW

About Hold A Plate Introducing Hold A Plate, a patented, innovative and revolutionary cocktail plate that lets you use one hand for your plate or drink and the other hand for eating, shaking hands or texting. Unlike other combination food and drink plates that just don’t do the job, Hold A Plate lets you easily […]