Wonder Sonic | TryWonderSonic.ca

What is the Wonder Sonic? The Wonder Sonic is an ultrasonic cleaning and toning unit. The Wonder Sonic claims to be 100% chemical and ingredient free way to deep clean your face. The Wonder Sonic makes use of powerful sonic pulses combined with water that penetrate deep into your pores and breaks up dirt, oil, […]

Juiceman Compact Juicer JM250

What is the Juiceman Compact Juicer? The Juiceman Compact Juicer promise to be the perfect kind of juicer that turns your favourite fruits, berries, leafy greens and much more and turn it into the most healthy and spectacular tasting juice with just a click of a button.   How does the Juiceman Compact Juicer work? […]

Pooch Paste

What is Pooch Paste It is a specially formulated paste for dogs that promises to reduce odor causing bacteria and has several benefits for their overall health. Pooch Paste asserts that now you can maintain the oral health of your pet pooches without a lot of hassle. When you bring a dog home it instantly […]

The Ultimate Jar Opener

About The Ultimate Jar Opener The Ultimate Jar Opener is a jar opener that states to do all the work for you when it comes to opening the lid of any jar or bottle no matter how big or small. The Ultimate Jar Opener asserts that you just need to gab, grip and twist it […]

Murad Acne ABC

What is Murad Acne ABC It is acne control system that promises to give you clearer skin while keeping it hydrated as well. Murad Acne ABC assures you a simple and effective way to a healthier, clear and acne free skin without too much effort. Your appearance can make all the difference to how you […]

Emojikins | Emojikins.com

About Emojikins Emojikins claims to be a huggable plush toy that is designed like Emojis. But what asserts to set it apart and make it fun is the fact that it can talk to the owner and magically to other Emoji characters too. Emojikins assures to come in four fun characters – Winky, Laughster, Love […]

Posture Slim

What is Posture Slim As per the infomercial it is a unique belt that is designed to provide spine alignment for ladies. Apart from correcting the posture it also helps in looking slimmer.   Posture Slim Features and Benefits Correct your posture – Posture Slim assures to help women achieve a better posture instantly while […]