Comfort Click Belt

What is Comfort Click? It is an innovative belt that fits anyone having sizes 28 to 52 inches flawlessly as it uses exceptionally sophisticated mechanism.     Comfort Click Claims No more grappling with holes and fitting – Comfort Click Belt is an intelligently made belt that claims it boasts of numerous hi-tech features and […]

Root Magic

What is Root Magic? As per the infomercial it is an instant color corrector for hair root regrowth and color so that your hair stays perfectly colored at the roots right till your next session.   Watch video!   Root Magic Claims Perfect color corrector for hair – Root Magic assures to extend the life […]

Conair Turbo Extreme Steam

What is Conair Turbo Extreme Steam? The TV commercial states that it’s the most powerful handheld clothes steamer that eliminates creases quickly with its turbo-charged steam and super-high heat.     Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Claims Powerful Fabric Steamer – Conair Turbo Extreme Steam promises to de-wrinkle, smoothen, and freshen clothes faster. Its 1550-watt steam […]

Miracle-Gro vs Vigoro vs Schultz

Compare what is it? Miracle-Gro vs Vigoro vs Schultz Miracle-Gro It is a water-soluble all-purpose plant food that feeds through roots and leaves of plants to boost their growth. It is a source of nutrients for flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, houseplants and more that should be used every 7-14 days for best results. Vigoro It […]


What is VIZ XTREME According to the TV ad, it’s a micro-camera that lets you capture the most intense adventure and action anytime and anywhere.   VIZ XTREME Claims Versatile Micro-Camera – VIZ XTREME asserts to take the high-end technology of a video camera and contract it into a micro-camera to record all the action […]

Migraine Hat

What is Migraine Hat? It claims to be an excellent hands-free way to provide cooling relief from migraine headaches. It is completely adjustable and comfortable to wear on the head.     Migraine Hat Claims Relieve headaches quickly – Migraine Hat guarantees to be the number one solution that fits all to help relieve migraine […]

Simply Fit Board

What is Simply Fit Board It claims to be a unique exercise board that offers easy twisting motion along with pivoting action to engage the core, tone the muscles and lose weight.   Simply Fit Board Claims Better exercise board – Simply Fit Board assures to provide weight loss, toning and core strengthening […]

Imagipen REVIEW

What is Imagipen? As per the TV infomercial it is a 3D pen that helps in creating breathtaking artworks using gel that converts into solid plastic in merely seconds.     What does Imagipen claim to do? 3D art with a twist – Imagipen claims to be a unique artwork designing pen that kids can […]

Audion Micro REVIEW

What is Audion Micro As per the TV infomercial it is a revolutionary and discreet hearing device that help boost the sound up to 30 times more to help hearing disorders at cost effective price.     Audion Micro Claims Optimal hearing aid system – Audion Micro guarantees to be a unique device that helps […]

Polaryte HD vs Eagle Eyes

Compare Features: Polaryte HD vs Eagle Eyes Polaryte HD Sunglasses Endowed with HD polarized sunglass technology Scratch-proof, high-grade lenses Designed to offer full 180 degrees protection Magnets embedded in frame to clip sunglasses securely almost anywhere Anti-glare polarization glasses Eagle Eyes Made from TriLenium® polarized with 2X scratch-guard coatings Developed from original NASA optic technology […]