HD Mirror Cam Review

About HD Mirror Cam HD Mirror Cam claims to be a high definition dash camera built right into the rear view mirror that records the audio and video of everything that happens when you drive to save you from the hassle of insurance claims, fights, and lawsuits if you are in the clear. HD Mirror […]

Kurio Xtreme 2 vs Leapfrog Epic

Compare what is it? Kurio Xtreme 2 vs Leapfrog Epic Kurio Xtreme 2 It’s a kids’ Android 5.0 tablet preloaded with lots of kid-friendly edutainment content such as games, e-books, educational content and apps. Leapfrog Epic A unique Android-based tablet with auto-leveling learning games and a playable and customizable home screen.   Compare Design: Kurio […]

Powerfit Review

What is PowerFit? As depicted in the infomercial PowerFit is a fitness machine that claims to use vibrating plates to engage every muscle in the body thus giving a compete workout. The makers further claim that unlike common vibrating technology which are less effective, PowerFithelps in burning fat and lose weight faster and safely. We […]

Flexi-Frisbee Review

What is Flexi Frisbee? Flexi-Frisbee claims to be a soft and flexible flying disc that serves as a great source of fun activity, be it indoors or outdoors. Apparently it can bend in any direction and within an instant get back into its original shape without any wrinkling or creasing or any kind of damage. […]

Oster Pro 1200 vs Ninja

Compare what is it? Oster Pro 1200 vs Ninja Ninja Kitchen System It is a professional and high-powered blender that is a must-have kitchen tool. With its outstanding performance Ninja Kitchen System can blend and process food to great consistency with just a push of the button. Oster Pro 1200 It is a powerful and […]

Mighty Mini Vac Review

What is Mighty Mini Vac – It claims to be a revolutionary compact-sized vacuum cleaner that cleans up crumbs, dirt and debris instantly. It also states to have auto-clean feature that cleans the mess all by itself.     A revolutionary cleaner Mighty Mini Vac proclaims to be a great handheld vacuum cleaner that helps […]