Comfort Boost Bra

What is Comfort Boost Bra? Comfort Boost Bra claims to be an all-in-one bra that lifts and supports to enhance and improve body posture. It promises give body a great shape and not making it look all droopy and shapeless. The claims seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after Comfort Boost Bra […]

Flex Tape

what is Flex Tape? Flex Tape promises to be a super strong waterproof tape that instantly patches, bonds, seals and repairs. It claims to be compatible with almost all materials including PVC, acrylic, metal, steel, copper, aluminum, wood, ceramic, porcelain, tile, glass, rubber, fiberglass, stucco, plaster, stone, dry wall, EPDM roofs and more. The strength […]

Copper Fit BALANCE

What is Copper Fit BALANCE? Copper Fit BALANCE are a set of performance orthotic insoles designed to improve stability, posture and alignment providing relief from aches and pains by correctly aligning the body to give more support. Copper Fit BALANCE is podiatrist designed to support and comfort your feet while ensuring it stays correctly aligned. […]

Brite Beam Cap

What is Brite Beam Cap? Brite Beam Cap asserts to be a cap integrated with 4 built-in LED lights to light up the way in dark. It claims to produce 186 lumens of light and enables to see up to 50 feet ahead. It guarantees LEDs never burn out and promises to be a perfect […]

Sleep Clean

What is Sleep Clean? Sleep Clean is a soft, flexible and comfortable pillowcase crafted with natural anti-bacterial silver fibers to permanently prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria.   Sleep Clean CLAIMS Eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria Designed with silver coated threads, the Sleep Clean pillowcase eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria.   Durable and Long-lasting Similar […]

Fast Mixx Pro

What is Fast Mixx Pro? Fast Mixx Pro asserts to be a BPA free vortex mixer for your daily shakes, smoothies, protein drinks, soups, eggs, batters, dressings, and more. Fast Mixx Pro claims to deliver a lump free texture. It even mixes pancake batter, powdered medicines, barista-perfect coffee froth and cocktails with ease. At this […]

Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

What is it? Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell Vuebell It is a compact, Wi-Fi enabled secured intercom system and doorbell designed to offer total security to the user’s home. It has integrated Mic, speaker and camera and can be connected to a smartphone through Wi-Fi so that the user can view her/his home and speak […]

Clever Measure

What is Clever Measure As per the TV infomercial it is a compact tape measure that offers accurate measurements including fractions without guessing or reading it with the help of a digital display. Clever Measure proclaims to be an advanced tape measure that helps in achieving an accurate and easy-to-read measure.     Clever Measure […]