Karcher K4 Silent with Vario Lance Review

About Karcher K4 Silent with Vario Lance Karcher K4 Silent with Vario Lance declares to be a revolutionary tool that is a powerful multipurpose cleaner for any kind of surface that needs cleaning – cars to patio, stonework or driveways – or even watering garden or smaller plants. Karcher K4 Silent with Vario Lance assures […]

HD Twist Review

What is HD Twist: They are powerful 2-in-1 HD headphones that can be easily converted into speakers whenever you want to. HD Twist maintains that now you don’t have to choose between big sound and quality audio because you can get both whenever you want. Music is an integral part of our lives and we […]

Freedom Wall Clock Review

What is Freedom Wall Clock: It is a wall clock that celebrates the loyal service of the man and women from the military. Freedom Wall Clock stresses that now you can have a time piece in your home that will reflect your love and admiration for the armed forces. While we stay at home feeling […]

ESPRO Sports Cleaner Review

What is ESPRO Sports Cleaner It claims to be a revolutionary sports stain remover that works amazingly well on sportswear. It works in three simple steps – spray, rub and wash. It is effective in removing all types of stains from grass, mud, grease, sweat, etc.     Make sportswear last for whole season ESPRO […]

Dr. Splendid Magicleanse Review

About Dr. Splendid Magicleanse Dr. Splendid Magicleanse is a vibrating facial silicone cleansing brush that gently cleanses the deepest of pores to take the grime off your face and make you look years younger. Dr. Splendid Magicleanse convinces that its gentle silicone brush can be used daily and it would still not irritate or scratch […]

Divine Time Review

What is Divine Time It claims to be a beautifully crafted timepiece that will not only beautify the walls and show time but also with every hour it will read a scripture from the Holy Bible. This way it spreads eternal cheer and positive energy at home.   Word of God at Home Divine Time […]

Cross X2 Headphones Review

About Cross X2 Headphones Cross X2 Headphones states to be a 2-1in-1 HD headphones that turns into speakers to let you crank up music at just the press of a button. Cross X2 Headphones claims to be great for everything from smart phones, tablets, computers or even play independently. Cross X2 Headphones maintain to have […]


What is BI-PEDALER As per the infomercial it is a dual action bike that provides exercise for both the arms and legs at the same time. The workout provides flexibility and improves circulation in the body to stay healthy and fit.   Flexible workout machine BI-PEDALER assures to be the most flexible exercise machine that […]

Clear TV HD Black Box Review

What is Clear TV HD Black Box– As per the infomercial it claims to be a digital antenna that readily connects with a HD television and provides all your favorite channels in high definition. It helps save money as there is no contract or monthly fee involved in it.     Contract free television Clear […]