Fuze360 Review

About Fuze360 Fuze360 proclaims to be a service for marketers to reach their audience and catapult their earning potential by aggregating multiple brand engagement products through a premium integrated marketplace.   How does it work Fuze360 asserts to utilize multi-screen ad formats by placing in-content ad between paragraphs and adjacent to content to provide brand-specific […]

Bambillo Comfort-Fit Mattress Topper Review

What is Bambillo Comfort-Fit Mattress Topper – As per the television infomercial it is a comfortable mattress topper that converts old, lumpy and worn out mattress into a better sleeping bed.   Sleep peacefully Bambillo Comfort-Fit Mattress Topper guarantees to be the new age solution to all the sleeping problems that occur due to bad […]

FlipaZoo Review

What is FlipaZoo – As per the TV infomercial it is soft toy for kids that actually is 2-in-1 animal design. One needs to simply flip it to reveal another stuffed cute and cuddly animal. It comes in Jumbo and small sizes.     Soft and cuddly toy FlipaZoo promises to be the best friend […]

Couch Coat Review

About Couch Coat Couch Coat asserts to be a quilted and reversible cover that prevents all kinds of stains, tears, pet hairs, and damages to the couch. Couch Coat claims to be easy to lay and tuck and just as easy to pull off when you want to clean the couch or have guests over. […]

IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl

What does it do? IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl IllumiBowl It is a motion-activated light that can be attached to the rim of any toilet to illuminate the inner bowl to help see in the dark. IllumiBowl is automatic so it senses movement in the bathroom and turns itself on with its motion-activation sensor. One can […]

Colovexus Review

About Colovexus Colovexus maintains to be an all-natural colon cleansing formula that increases bowel movements, reduces whole gut transit time, accelerates gastric emptying, and makes antral contractions more frequent.   How does it work Colovexus claims to work in two stages. In the first step, the 9 patented and clinically-tested ingredients improve bowel movements, reduce […]

Big Red Blaster Review

What is Big Red Blaster – The television commercial states that it is a new nozzle with the precision and intensity of a professional grade fire hose nozzle. It promises that with just a twist it can turn from a mist sprayer to water your garden to jet blast the mold and mildew off the […]

7 Second Eyelift Review

About 7 Second Eyelift 7 Second Eyelift convinces to be a high-performance eye cream that gives vibrant looking eyes in seconds by reducing and preventing wrinkles, eye bags, and sagging. It promises to be safe and suitable for all skin types.   How does it work You need to apply a drop of 7 Second […]

Freeze Frames Review

What is Freeze Frames: It is ice on the go relief system that claims to treat puffy eyes while you look cool wearing stylish sunglasses as well. Freeze Frames promise to offer you a simple and effective way of treating puffy eyes that can become the bane of your existence. You get puffy eyes because […]

Crumby Mini Vac Review

About Crumby Mini Vac Crumby Mini Vac claims to be a lightweight handheld mini vacuum that can clean any crumby mess effectively. Crumby Mini Vac assures to be safe for kids’ hands and can get all the mess on a sofa or rug, table, kitchen countertop, bed, workbench and car seat easily.     How […]