Flexzilla Garden Hose Review

About Flexzilla Garden Hose Flexzilla Garden Hose asserts to be a flexible garden hose that is powerful and all-weather and does not kink under great water pressure.     Flexzilla Garden Hose Claims The premium hybrid polymer material of Flexzilla Garden Hose gives it flexibility and durability to withstand pressure of water. Zero memory feature […]

Backward Brella Review

What is Backward Brella It claims to be an amazing umbrella that is engineered to fold dry-side-out and wet-side-in to save the hassle of dripping umbrellas or getting soaked while closing them.   Never get wet Backward Brella guarantees you will never get soaked in rain while trying to close your umbrella while entering your […]

60 Second Salad Review

What is 60 Second Salad As per the TV infomercial it is a unique solution to prep a salad quickly and easily. It practically takes away the hassle of not just cutting but even washing and rinsing vegetables.   Healthy salad on the go 60 Second Salad assures to provide a quick and easy solution […]

Fend Review

What is Fend? – It claims to be a revolutionary technology that helps in continuously eliminating flying insects without the need of using chemical sprays or the traditional fly squatters.   Goodbye flying insects Fend proclaims to be a revolutionary solution that helps in attracting flying insects and eliminating them instantly. At this point of […]

Copper Fit Energy Socks

What is Copper Fit Energy Socks – As per the infomercial it is an energy sock that can be worn like regular socks to compress the legs, increase circulation and reduces swelling.   Keep your feet fit Copper Fit Energy Socks claims to be designed as a solution for swollen, legs, aching feet and bad […]

Chef’s Edge

What is Chef’s Edge – It claims to be an ingenious set of self-sharpening professional grade knives comprising of Chef’s Knife, Santoku Knife, Boning Knife and Utility Knife.   Universal knives set Chef’s Edge asserts to be the number one solution to all your kitchen prep work. Cutting, chopping, mincing, slicing, etc. takes a lot […]

Glass Bowl Chopper Review

What is it? The Glass Bowl Chopper from BLACK+DECKER is designed to make your everyday kitchen chores fast and easy. With the Glass Bowl Chopper chopping and blending has never been easier. The Glass Bowl Chopper lets you can chop, heat, serve and store all in one bowl. It’s that amazing! You are guaranteed to […]

Fast Track Climber Review

What is Fast Track Climber It claims to be unique weight-loss machine that simulates vertical rock climbing motion to help burn calories and sculpt the entire body.     Revolutionary workout machine Fast Track Climber claims to be a new age machine that helps in losing weight and sculpting the entire body. Although there are […]