Bose QuietControl 30

What is Bose QuietControl 30 As per the infomercial, these are wireless headphones that deliver powerful sound. You can allegedly control the amount of noise cancellation as per the environment. Bose QuietControl 30 claims to be a wireless headphone that is designed to eliminate noisy environments. It comes with a Bluetooth wireless system that allows […]

Magic Lights REVIEW

What is Magic Lights – As per the TV infomercial it is multicolored LEDs in a kaleidoscope to produce shimmering light effect that covers over 600 square feet. Magic Lights claims to be a better option over traditional LED lights with its innovative design. It declares to dazzle without the hassle of installation since all […]


What is AquaTru? AquaTru is a counter top water purification system designed to turn tap water into bottle quality water, right at home. The best part about the AquaTru water purifier is that it needs no installation or plumbing. Simply place it in on your counter top to get absolutely safe and pure drinking water. […]

Slim Lens REVIEW

What is Slim Lens? – It claims to be an innovative thin reading glasses that are easy to carry and durable. Slim Lens proclaims to be a superb pair of glasses that helps view everything clearly. It comes in +1.5, +2 and +2.5 strengths to suit individual needs.     Slim Lens CLAIMS Highly effective […]

Presidential Nominee U.S. Half Dollars

What is Presidential Nominee U.S. Half Dollars As per the infomercial it is a collector’s edition US half dollar featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Presidential Nominee U.S. Half Dollars proclaim to be a superb collector’s coin featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Choose between the two display support for your favorite nominee. […]

3 Second Brow REVIEW

What is 3 Second Brow? Shaping your eyebrows with an eye pencil can be both difficult and time consuming. Here’s introducing the incredible innovation in makeup, the 3 Second Brow. The 3 Second Brow is a makeup tool that will completely transform your eyebrows to look like natural. With the 3 Second Brow you get […]

Skinsafe Scissors

What is Skinsafe Scissors? Scissors need to be sharp in order to cut anything but if your children use these sharp scissors it can prove to be very dangerous. Regular scissors can’t be used by everyone, especially children because they could hurt themselves. Here’s introducing an incredibly safe to use scissors, the Skinsafe Scissors. Skinsafe […]

InstaBrite REVIEW

InstaBrite Review Amy Clarke says in her InstaBrite review – “I bought four InstaBrite units but none of them work half the time. One of the units died a week later and does not switch on. The units randomly work for only a few hours and only one of the four works like it is […]