Magic Mist Review

What is Magic Mist It is a four in one laundry solution that claims to release wrinkles from your clothes so that you can make a crisp impression. Magic Mist maintains that now you won’t have to spend hours doing the ironing to ensure that your clothes are crisp and wrinkle free. You spend a […]

Cuddle Trays

What is Cuddle Trays – It claims to be an amazing stuff toy pillow that can convert into a tray in just seconds. It states to be very easy and convenient to use and is designed to fit children’s lap easily while they eat or perform different activities on it.   Cuddle Trays Features The […]

Snack Pets

What are Snack Pets? Snack Pets are innovatively designed lunch boxes that claim to make lunch time a fun time for the kids. Designed to be stored in the refrigerator and promised to keep food cold and fresh, Snack Pets are not only easy to carry but also serve the purpose of keeping a variety […]

Hidden Element DVDs

What is Hidden Element? Hidden Element is a set of 4 DVDs that claim to have changed the lives of thousands of people. Hidden Element DVDs promise to unlock the potential inside of you. Doug Baird who is a successful entrepreneur as well as the creator of Hidden Element promises to help you identify and […]

Titan Twist Mop

About Titan Twist Mop Titan Twist Mop claims to be a rinse-and-go mop that can be rinsed under running water to give you a fresh mop head every time. It states to give you clean and hygienic floors without the use of chemicals. Titan Twist Mop maintains to have an extension arm that reaches high […]

Perfecter Ultra

What is Perfecter Ultra As per the infomercial it’s a unique and innovative hairstyling appliance that does the work of 4 appliances – hair dryer, straightener, hair curler and hot styling brush. It consists of Black Tourmaline that is semi-precious stone known for its negative ion generation to make hair smoother, shinier and healthier.   […]

Bed Boost

What is Bed Boost? Bed Boost proclaims to be a sleep system that revives worn out and sagging mattress instantly and lets you wake up refreshed and without aches and pains. Bed Boost alleges to give you individualized comfort whether you want to elevate your head or legs while sleeping to get maximum comfort.   […]

Hairnetix Review

About Hairnetix Hairnetix states to be an instant hair solution that can cover balding patches and receding spots. It assures to be identical to human hair in texture and color so it goes undetectable to other people. Hairnetix convinces that it does not rub off and bonds strongly with thinning hair even through strong winds […]